B2B Content Marketing Services

The Challenges of Content Marketing

Does it frustrate you that you’ve always wanted to create a remarkable business-to-business content marketing program, but are constantly struggling to produce enough content that engages your target market?

If so, I know how you feel.

If you’re like most B2B marketing leaders who are responsible for complex products with long buying cycles, you were initially fully enthusiastic about content marketing. After all, it has the power to attract and educate your target buyer. Content marketing can move them through their buying cycle faster than ever before.

But after a while, you realize that your blog posts are not as widely read as you’d like, and your white papers aren’t downloaded often enough. In addition, you just can’t keep up with the demand for blog posts, e-books, white papers, video scripts, case studies and more.

So how can you create content that your prospects love?

And, given your jam-packed, not-a-minute-to-spare days, how can you produce it all?

You end up feeling overwhelmed because your sales people are depending on you to generate brand awareness and leads through content marketing. But it’s much harder and more time-consuming than they could ever imagine!

Until now, you may have been constrained by constrained to do content marketing internallytrying to do everything in-house  …  from content strategy through creation. You may have been so busy that you even skipped the upfront research. But it’s almost impossible to generate on-target content if you don’t have buyer insights and know the questions they’re asking as they consider a purchase.

And how can you create enough content? Your subject-matter experts can’t translate tech-speak into everyday English. Your writers, if you have any, just can’t write fast enough to keep up with your content needs.

The problem with trying to produce all your content internally is that you either can’t add headcount to get the job done or you don’t need to add a ‘whole’ person. After all, there’s an ebb and flow to your content needs.

And often, the freelance writers you’ve tried seem to struggle to come up to speed on technical topics. While they might be good writers, they just don’t have the business background and research experience they need to understand your product, service, or solution and the value it delivers.

Content Marketing Services

Because of these issues that so many marketing leaders face, I offer B2B content research, strategy and creation services. My clients appreciate that I have a business acumen built on a quarter century of working in corporate marketing, plus consulting since 2010.

I have solid research skills from my days in B2B market research; the ability to write in a clear, concise and engaging way; and an obsession about meeting deadlines with quality work.

My full Content Strategy and Creation Program consists of the following. However, I can tailor it to your needs.

  • Content Research and Buyer Personas

I’ve proven over and over in my years of business that new products and programs are much more likely to achieve remarkable success when you gain market feedback first. Also, by basing your initiatives on market information, you end up saving money because you avoid false starts and lost time.

So, my B2B Content Strategy and Creation Program starts with persona research. I talk with your recent buyers and even those who chose not to buy to learn the issues they faced, the questions they asked as they sought a solution, and how they made their decisions.

You get vivid personas and insights that describe buyer priorities, success factors, concerns, obstacles, questions asked and their perspective on the value your product or service offers, enabling you to gain a competitive edge because you understand the customer better.

  • Content Map

content mapYou also receive a content map. This map is like keying “creating awareness” and “sales” into MapQuest®, and getting detailed instructions on how to move step-by-step through the sales process with content.

It links subject headings and content formats, such as blogs and white papers, to the questions your audience is asking in each phase of the buying cycle.

  • Editorial Calendar

You also get a 12-month-editorial calendar that shows titles, formats and dates for each piece of content, enabling you to plan and stay ahead on the fast-moving content-treadmill.

  • Content Creation

And, finally, I don’t leave you high and dry with a long list of content to create. Since I’ve already interviewed your buyers, I have in-depth insight into their needs and the benefits your solution provides. There’s absolutely no need to bring another writer up to speed.

 I create the content for you, interviewing your product- and subject-matter experts and translating tech-speak into the business value your company offers.

Why Use Carolyn Frith Marketing?

What makes my process different is that it’s based on research and I take your program from initial strategy through implementation. So, you can feel confident you have relevant, engaging content that attracts your audience and shortens your sales cycle.

The Details

Here are more specific details on what the B2B Content Strategy and Creation Program gives you:

  • The triggers that move buyers from living with the problem your product resolves to dealing with it
  • What buyers are hoping to accomplish by making a purchase
  • The obstacles that stand in the way of buying your product or service
  • The buyer’s journey, the questions they ask along the way and who influences the decision
  • The decision criteria buyers use to make their purchase decision
  • A content map that shows how to move the buyer step-by-step through their buying cycle, answering each of their questions
  • An editorial calendar that shows the content that you need to produce over the next 12 months
  • All the content you need to fill the calendar: white papers, e-books, blog posts, case studies, videos, webinars, emails and research reports and more.

The program is tailored to your needs and budget so I provide custom proposals and quotes. However, since I don’t offer you fancy conference rooms or reception areas, or keep a full staff on hand, you can rest assured that partnering with me will be easier on your budget than working with a typical agency.

Get Started Now

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After all, you’ve struggled to create the content that could make a tangible difference in your business for too long. The B2B Content Strategy and Creation Program can make your life easier, providing the content you need to achieve your goals. Imagine being able to generate all the leads your sales force requires without the stress.

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