5 Tips to Avoid the Worst Gambles with Website Copywriting

Company owners invest in eye-catching web layout and then fill the pages with all the facts about their products and services. They sometimes even invest time and dollars on a social media campaign to draw more visitors to their website.

But they often gamble with their investment of time and money by overlooking the most crucial element of web development: the copywriting.
They argue that they write well. Often they do.

But there is a distinction between writing properly (as in writing grammatically correct sentences that flow logically from one to the next) and writing so the words leap off the page and hold onto the reader’s fickle interest like a barnacle, persuading them to call your company now or click the “Buy Now” button.

Website Copywriting–5 Tips

So how do you stack the odds in your favor? You use copywriting best practices. Below are five tips to get you started.

1. Banish ‘Us’ and ‘We’ from your Website

A complete prohibition on the words ‘us’ and ‘we’ might be a bit drastic.

But you definitely want to water them down as you sprinkle in another little word liberally: “you.” Most people care mostly about one thing: themselves.

So write about your prospects and clientele, not about your company. Instead of saying “we create the best copy,” say “you’ll receive copy that persuades your prospects to inquire about your products.”

2. Weed out ‘Internal Speak’

Each sector and company has its own ‘internal speak’ or jargon. It takes on a life of its own within an organization, but the words are jarring to prospects and clientele. They stumble over them, wonder what they mean, lose interest and wander off somewhere else on the internet.

So ask yourself if your target audience uses words on a daily basis before using them in your website copy.

3. Slash the Fat

Use as few words as feasible. The most efficient way to do this is to edit. And edit again. Edit till the fat is purged and your website is toned and prepared for action.

4. Add Word Pictures

Beyond the photos and graphics on your website, to enhance readability you need to create pictures in your prospects’ minds. That means metaphors such as ‘cut the fat’ and similes such as ’create a website that keeps your organization buzzing like a hive.’

5. Translate Features into Benefits

Don’t fall into the trap of listing all the characteristics of your services and relying on web visitors to translate them into what’s in it for them. For instance, I wouldn’t say “I provide online copywriting services.” I would say “I provide website copywriting services that can raise your conversions higher than you ever believed possible.”

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