12 Website Copywriting Secrets for Powerful Landing Pages

You’ve probably read them. Those never-ending web landing pages with website copywriting that draws you in with a promise, builds the vision, and inspires you to buy.

You know it’s first-rate copywriting. You’d love to be able to write like that and double or triple your product’s sales. What are the secrets?

Website Copywriting Secret 1: Know the prospect

Know the characteristics of your target customers, what keeps them up at night, what their passions are, and what they want to achieve.

Landing Page Prospect

Website Copywriting Secret 2: Sell the dream

Here’s an example of selling the dream. ‘Imagine being able to write website copy that could double or triple your sales. Take this course and you’ll be able transform your writing into sales copy that works like magic to convert your website’s visitors to buyers.’

The copy goes to the heart of what the prospect for a website copywriting course wants to accomplish. And that’s how good copywriting works.

website copywriting sells the dream


Website Copywriting Secret 3: Paint a Picture

Paint a picture in your prospect’s mind. Another example: ‘Instead of working long hours to sell your services while you sacrifice time with your family, create a website chock full of powerful copy that sells around the clock. You’ll no longer be cooped up in the office day in and day out, but, perhaps, can spend time vacationing in St. Lucia, sunning on the beach and drinking fruit-laced punch concoctions.’

website copywriting paints a  picture

Website Copywriting Secret 4: Building Trust

Weave trust-building elements throughout landing page copy. It might be mini case studies of previous successes, testimonials, or your company’s credentials.

website copywriting builds trust

Website Copywriting Secret 5: Limit Supply

Good marketers and copywriters always find a credible reason to limit supply. It’s what’s called the ‘scarcity principle’. If something’s hard to get, you want it.

Website Copywriting Secret 6: Create a Deadline

Create a bonus for acting now instead of later. You need to do something to push past procrastination.

website copywriting creates a deadline

Website Copywriting Secret 7: Appeal to the Ego

Here’s an example of an ego booster. ‘Your friends will admire your success. Your family will be grateful for the comfort and security your achievements bring to them.’

website copywriting appeals to the ego

Website Copywriting Secret 8: Answer Objections

You should know what your prospect’s objections might be. So anticipate them and answer them one by one. Here’s an example. ‘We help you step by step through the copy for your first landing page. If you don’t increase your website conversions by 25%, you get your money back.’

website copywriting answers objections

Website Copywriting Secret 9: Reduce Risk

Reduce the risk to your customer just like I did in the above money back guarantee.

website copywriting reduces risk

Website Copywriting Secret 10: The Power of ‘Yes’

When you’re selling to someone, you want them to be thinking ‘yes, yes, yes.’ Then, when they finally get to the question of whether they should buy, they’re already thinking ‘YES.’ So include some ‘yes’ statements. ‘Yes you can do this. Yes we use proven techniques that have been tested with over 530 students.’

Also, add some questions for the reader where you know the answer is ‘yes.’ For example, “would you like to earn more and work less?”

The power of yes in website copywriting

Website Copywriting Secret 11: The More Copy, the More Convincing

We’re in an age where we’re told to keep it brief. But the higher the price of the item you’re selling, the more copy you’ll need to sell it. Don’t be wordy, but do use all your ammunition.

Long website copywriting

Website Copywriting Secret 12: Include a Strong Call to Action

Always end by telling your prospects what you want them to do. For example: “try out these Secrets to power up your copywriting and boost your sales.”  Or if you don’t have the time or inclination, check out our website copywriting services or call Carolyn Frith Marketing at 610-340-0622.

website copywriting call to action

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