Website Copywriting: Secrets of a Money-Making Home Page

Why does website copywriting matter?

Your website copywriting is critical because website is likely the hub of your marketing program. But website visitor interest is fleeting. You’ve got less than 10 seconds to engage them. That’s it. But if your website copywriter answers these questions, you’ll be well on your way.

1. Where am I?

The search engines try to get you where you want to go. But there is a little luck mixed in with their search engine magic. So visitors arrive on your website and make quick judgments about whether they’re in the the right place. Of course they need to know where they’ve landed. Immediately.

It’s like when you visit an unfamiliar city, you look for clear road signs to make sure you’re going the right direction. Without them you can believe you’ve gone astray when you’re actually right on track. You don’t want visitors to think they’ve lost their way when they get to your web site.

Have your website copywriter create a tag line or header that communicates quickly and clearly how you can help visitors. And make sure it’s on every page. Visitors don’t always arrive on your home page.

2. Can you help me or my business?

A website visitor wants to know if your company covers their geographical area and whether you serve, for example, consumers or businesses.

3. How can you help me?

Don’t just list everything you do on your website. A good copywriter knows how to turn features into benefits, letting prospects know how they will be better off if they use your product or service.

4. Why you?

Chances are there are at least a few other companies out there with similar products or services, and it’s just a click away to find a competitor’s website. Why should prospects choose your company as opposed to one of your competitors’ companies? Your website copywriter should express what makes you different clearly and succinctly.

For extra impact and credibility support your uniqueness with a testimonial. In fact, testimonials can be used to increase trust in many places on your website. So have your copywriter interview your best clients, summarize their compliments and let their words do the selling for you.

5. What should I do next?

Even though you probably have a “Contact Us” tab, you still need a “call to action” at the bottom of your home page: clear directions on what your visitors should do next. Look at my call to action below.

When your website copywriter has finished, add some simple, eye catching graphics and smooth functionality, and you can start turning website browsers into buyers.

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