Social Media Helps Break Through Denial with Seniors

It Starts with Listening

Marketing to SeniorsIt takes conversation, listening, intimacy and trust to break through denial in seniors. Mostly listening. This process used to have to be done one to one which is why so many companies marketing products and services for seniors relied on their referral sources.


Let Social Media be Your Forum for Listening

But the world has changed. Family caregivers and even seniors are searching for information on the web. It’s time to ramp up your social media programs because social media enables marketers to deliver with scale the ingredients for breaking through denial.

It’s not the one-way street advertising of the the past. It’s all about conversation and listening. People start to know each other and then they build trust.

Your online community helps you to build relationships and direct family caregivers and seniors to your website. You can start conversations and work through denial or guilt a step at a time.

Share Stories and Build Trust

Create a place where caregivers can interact and hear each others’ stories. As they converse online with you and other people in similar situations, they become more confident that their aging mother or father can benefit from your offering. With time, online friends start to know, like and trust you. Then they buy from you.

Counter denial by starting a conversation online about where the family caregiver sees their loved one five years from now. If you offer products that help someone age in place, talk about and how seniors can achieve that goal. If you offer assisted living, talk through the benefits of community and care provided all in one place

A Better Life

The more family caregivers learn about how their loved one’s life could be richer and safer, the more likely they are to accept assistance to attain the goal.

Empathize with Caregivers

You can also converse about the guilt that so many family caregivers feel and how they need to acknowledge that they have needs too–many caregivers feel their own needs should be subservient to those of others. Let them know it’s OK to ask for help. Most importantly, help them to separate fact from fiction. In many cases buying the product or service that your organization offers raises the quality of life for their loved one. It also enables the family to spend more quality time together.

Keep the Social in Social Media

To build an online community you need to create pages on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Then don’t forget the social part of social media. This means you can’t simply post a page and start selling. Just like face-to-face networking, it takes time to engage with others online and build relationships. Offer helpful advice and build relationships on a continuous basis. Then, every once in awhile post a promotion for your organization.

Prepare for a Marathon

It takes time. It’s a marathon not a sprint. But do it right and it’ll pay off.

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  1. My parents would have resisted all the new wonders of Social Media, but I sure would’ve tried to convince them! I believe for Seniors it will literally open up the world to them PLUS they can find all those old friends they talk about do nostalgic things and so much more from their bedrooms/homes/wherever!

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