Boost Your SEO Rankings with Article Marketing

The Challenge of Backlinks

If you’re trying to move your website up in the search engine rankings, you’ve probably discovered that one of the most difficult challenges is building back links.

A back link, for any newbie reading this article, is a link from another website to your website. Google and the other search engines view a back link as a website pointing to your website and saying “there’s some good stuff over there, go and take a look at it.” In other words, it’s a vote of confidence.

Link Exchanges Don’t Work

It used to be, in the good old days of the web, you could just exchange links with other websites. But Google’s on to that and it doesn’t count any more. When two websites link to each other, the links cancel each other out. So you have to find other ways to get links from websites.

Article Marketing — Writing for Links

One way to do this is with article marketing. With article marketing you write some content that is useful to your audience, and then you publish it for use on various article directories and blogs. Article publishers reward you for giving them content by including a couple of links back to your website. And you determine what these links say and where they go. So if you want to move up the ranks for ‘SEO Copywriting,’ you make that one of your links.

For the best results, have the links go to different pages you want to optimize. This enables you to build multiple links to your website and optimize several keyword phrases at the same time.

Publicize Articles with Social Media

Link to your articles from social media websites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. More people will read your content and some will click on the links at the bottom of your article to pay your website a visit.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about website ranking.


  2. Article syndication must first of all be pefmorred based on quality. Top 3 directories will provide you more market dominion than the rest 300 syndication points, working together.

  3. I totally agree that it’s best to focus on the top article sites that really screen for quality. You want to make sure your articles are in good company. Google knows quality when it sees it and you’re judged by the company you keep.

  4. Hi Carolyn, I must say that building back links is something that I’m most nervous about. It seems there are so many ways you can go wrong and displease Google. Do you have any recommendations for choosing article directory sites to submit articles to?

    • Andrew:

      Good question. Many of the article sites have a lot of low quality content. You want to post on an article site where you’ll be in good company with other quality content. I like Ezine Articles and Go Articles. They review their content before posting it and assure it’s up to their standards.


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