Rev Up SEO Copywriting Success with Long-Tail Keywords

Using long tail keywords for SEO copywriting.Have you heard about using long-tail keyword phrases for SEO copywriting? Probably. But why should you care?

A long-tail keyword phrase is, as you might expect, longer than your typical keyword phrase—-usually three to five words. And they can help you to claim a starring role on Google.

The SEO Magic of Long-Tail Keywords

You Fight a Battle You Can Win

Websites in the top three positions on Google, receive 80% of the search engine traffic and all the credibility that goes along with that position. Because companies have worked hard to optimize their websites and claim these visible positions, most keyword phrases are now so competitive that small and medium-sized companies have a challenging time rising to the top.

And why start a battle you can’t win?

For example, I’m a copywriter. I can just imagine the oodles of web traffic my website would attract in the number one position for copywriting. In fact, my research shows me I could bring in almost two million dollars a year just by earning that position.

But I’ve never tried to claim it. Why? Well, my research shows over 20 million web pages on Google use this keyword. And they’re not weaklings. No, these website have thousands of pages. They are also touted by thousands of backlinks pointing to them, essentially saying – “This page is good. Look at it!”

So, because I’m not likely to win competing head on with the heavyweights for ‘copywriting’, I looked around for a long-tail keyword phrase where the competition’s a little friendlier. I came up with ‘copywriting for SEO’. Yes, there are still over 71 million competitors but there are not focused on battling for first position for this phrase so they haven’t optimized their websites for it.

Bottom line: it’s a battle of lighter-weight competitors where smaller websites can rise to the first page of Google.

You Attract Targeted Traffic

If someone reaches my website because they typed ‘copywriting for SEO’ into their search, they obviously are interested not only in persuasive, engaging copywriting that can covert browsers to buyers, but also in optimizing their website for search engines. And because I can write to engage people and attract search engines, that visitor is more likely to convert to a client than one who just searched on ‘copywriting.’

The Downside of Long Tail Keywords

There is, of course, a downside to long tail keywords. You’re not going to attract droves of traffic the way you might if you could climb to the top with a shorter keyword phrase. You might need to counter this by using several long tail keywords. So I might add another phrase such as ‘equestrian website copywriting.’

SEO Copywriting for the Long-Term

When I start to build pages that use both ‘copywriting for SEO’, ‘equestrian website copywriting’ and more similar keyword phrases, I am also pushing my website up little by little for the keyword ‘copywriting’. So I haven’t totally deserted it—I just don’t expect it to pay off in the short term.

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