Power Up Your Copywriting with Short Phrases

Here’s a collection of little phrases that can add punch and power to your copywriting projects:

1.  “Once difficult, now easy.”

This pithy phrase communicates that your product can simplify the prospect’s life. It works well in headlines.

Original: “Creating a Website”
Better: “Creating a Website – Once Difficult, Now Easy.”

2.  “This year.”

To add a sense of urgency to your copywriting, add a time element. It’s easy to do with two little words: “this year”.

Original: “How to cut your marketing costs by up to 50%.”
Better: “How to cut your marketing costs by up to 50% this year.”

3. “As crazy as that sounds.”

This phrase prevents prospects from rejecting your claims by acknowledging the reader’s skepticism.

Original: “Powerful copywriting can boost your results by 50%.”
Better: “Powerful copywriting can boost your results by 50% – as crazy as that sounds.”

4. “After that, it’s too late.”

Use this phrase to emphasize the finality of a deadline.

Original: “This offer expires 5/15/10.”
Better: “This offer expires 5/15/10. After that, it’s too late.”

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