5 Easy Steps to Persuasive Website Copywriting

Why Website Copywriting?

Why do people create copy for websites?

There is only one logical reason. They want someone to read it.

So if websites are written to be read, why do most businesses make them so mind-numbingly boring?

I believe it’s because most managers really don’t know the nuances of magical website copywriting.

You have ten seconds or less to engage your website guests so you need copywriting that dances off the page, grabs onto the reader and puts them into a trance, guiding them through the web page right up to the compelling call to action. They click. They get in touch with you. They convert from visitor to a lead or client.

Tips for Compelling Website Copywriting

Here are some suggestions for producing mesmerizing copywriting that converts your website browsers into customers.

1. Don’t write about your business.

Write about your prospect. Let them know how much more wonderful their lives will be after they acquire your solution or service.

2. Benefits, benefits, benefits.

Yes you can mention the attributes of your items if you like, but you definitely want to translate them into benefits as well. For example, a chiropractor may say that they offer upper cervical chiropractic care. You may think “so what?” But if you have any health concerns and the medical professional adds that “upper cervical care can unlock the power of your body to heal itself without surgery or drugs.” Now that sounds worthwhile.

3. Paint a picture.

For example when describing a whirlpool bath tub, instead than saying “air jets massage your body” you could say “enjoy the tropical breeze of heated air jets as you soothe your aching joints and tired muscle tissue.” If your prospects can think about themselves using your merchandise, you are 1 stage closer to converting a browser to a buyer.

4. Show your character.

This is sometimes difficult for companies, but people purchase from people they like. So you have to allow a bit of character show through. So write the way you talk. If it helps, stick a picture of somebody to your pc monitor and pretend you are talking to them.

5. Include a call to action.

It amazes me how several organization managers have not thought through what they want their website visitor to do. You have to do it. Now. Once you know, tell the visitor. It can be as straightforward as call NOW for your FREE 30-minute consultation.

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