How Webinars Can Turbo-Charge Your Results

I’m sure you’ve received multiple invites to webinars.  Maybe you’ve even attended one or two.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, webinars are one of the top ten content marketing tactics to generate sales.  That’s not based their thinking—it’s the results tallied from hundreds of interviews with marketing professionals across the county. So it’s worth learning a little about webinars, a.k.a. online seminars.

Webinars Save Time and Money

It’s easy to see why webinars are so popular.  It used to be that if you wanted to learn something, you had to bundle yourself off to a seminar, fight through a potential quagmire of traffic jams, late planes and trains, and perhaps even squander a perfectly good evening at a hotel.

And, let’s face it–it was costly. You paid for the seminar, all the fun you had getting there, accommodations and sustenance.  It all added up.

Now many webinars are low cost or even FREE.  Your payment is simply sharing your email address when you sign up.  You get a link. You click it.  The software does its thing, and in seconds you’re learning.

Webinars Build Credibility and Client Interest

If you’re giving the webinar, the investment is minimal compared to an in-person event.

What do you get?  An audience that’s demonstrated an interest in your expertise.  If you give them something of value, you gain credibility and build interest in your product or service.

The Webinar Drawback

It all sounds too good.  There has to be a drawback.  Here it is……… you don’t have a captive audience. If you get long-winded and boring, your audience doesn’t have to sneak out of the room in embarrassment.  They simply think to themselves, “I’m bored.” They click.  They’re gone.  So it’s up to you to engage them.

Start with a Promise

Let your attendees know what they’re going to learn.  If it’s something they’re really interested in, they’ll give you a little time.

Deliver It.

There are good webinars, and there are bad ones.  In the bad ones, presenters do not respect the audience’s time.  They promise something really intriguing, and then they babble on and on trying to build the excitement.  There’s no need for that.  The audience is already there.  They don’t have to be sold again.

Webinar Tips

  • Write an outline.
  • Get to the point.
  • Keep your language simple.
  • Use compelling visuals.
  • Don’t put too much on the slides – they are the icing on the cake.
  • Put it all together using webinar software.

There are many webinar packages that have free trials so you don’t need to make a big commitment.  Try it out and if it works, repeat!

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