How to Attract Seniors with a Free Report

Build Goodwill and Leads with a Free Report

To attract seniors you need a free report–a white paper or an e-book. You give it away in exchange for contact information. Start by asking seniors and their caregivers for an email address and first name and build from there.

The report does a few thing for you. It:

  • Positions your organization as the expert.
  • Builds goodwill.
  • Generates leads.

If you write about something related to the service or product you offer, anyone who signs up is raising their hand to say “I’m interested in what you offer.”  Warms up prospects for future sales or referrals.  Helps your prospect solve a problem.

Disarm them With a Soft Sell

The beauty of a report is that it’s all about the soft-sell. It educates your referral sources or consumers about the solution to a problem and then gently guides them on where to seek help in solving that problem: your company.

You can use reports online with a lead capture device to generate leads, offer them in direct mail programs or simply ask people you meet at networking events whether they’d like one.

Help Prospects Solve Problems

So how do you decide what to write about? Just get inside the head of your prospect. What problems are they trying to solve?

Let’s say you manufacture lift chairs. I saw a report online called “How to avoid the top 5 mistakes when buying a lift chair.” If I was caring for my mother and thought she needed help to get out of a chair, I’d certainly want to read that report before making a decision. Maybe you provide homecare. You could offer a report called “How to Keep Your Mom at Home For Life.”

Coming up with a topic is easy when you simply think about the concerns you prospects talk with you about and find answers to them.

To learn more, download our FREE reportHow to Market Products and Services for Seniors: Overcoming Denial and Guilt.”

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