Marketing to Family Caregivers Online

Marketing to Seniors OnlineYou’re marketing to family caregivers because they influence or make a lot of the decisions seniors make.  Since the family caregiver is seeking information online, you need to have a strong web presence.  A persuasive, engaging website with a compelling call to action is the engine for your online marketing programs.

This starts with creating home page that attracts because it answers the 5 key questions the family caregiver is asking.   You have less than 10 seconds to engage. That’s it. So answer these questions and you’ll be well on your way.

1.    Where am I?

Web browsing isn’t exactly a science. Family caregivers can stumble on your site from anywhere and need to know where they’ve landed.  Immediately.  Just like when you’re in a city you don’t know, you look for clear road signs to make sure you’re going the right direction. Without them, you can easily make a wrong turn.  You don’t want visitors to think they’ve lost their way when they get to your site.

Include a tag line or header that communicates quickly and clearly how your product or service helps seniors.  And make sure it’s on every page.  Visitors don’t always arrive on your home page.

2.    Can you help me or my business?

Whether you’re a homecare company or a retirement community, a family caregiver wants to know if your company covers their geographical area.

3.    How can you help me?

Answering this question is not as simple as listing everything that you do.  Let family caregivers know how they will be better off if they use your product or service.   Maybe they’ll have peace of mind knowing that their parents’ home is safer.  Maybe your product, for example a scooter or a lift chair, makes the caregiver’s loved one happier by providing increased independence.

4.    Why you?

Chances are there are at least a few other companies out there with similar products or services.  Why should family caregivers choose your company as opposed to one of your competitors’ companies?   This is a critical challenge for homecare companies with so many new ones in the market.  Once you define what makes your company unique, add extra impact and credibility with a testimonial.

5.    What should I do next?

Even though you probably have a “Contact Us” tab, you still need a “call to action” at the bottom of your home page: clear directions on what family caregivers should do next. My website simply says: for a no-obligation consultation, call  610-340-0622 .

Add some simple, eye catching graphics and smooth functionality, and you can start turning family caregivers into clients.

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