3 Tips for Marketing to Family Caregivers Online

I’ve written before that the traditional ways of marketing to family caregivers need to be supplemented.  Since they’re looking for information online, it’s time to try some new tactics.  Here are three online tactics you should add to your marketing mix.

A Blog: the Food of the Social Media Party

You can’t just chat on social media websites and expect results.  After all, when you invite people to a party, just getting the people together is not enough.  Usually you provide refreshments and perhaps entertainment.  The same is true online.

Offer the informative content in your for your guests to feast on. It builds your credibility. Also, your online community expands as your tweets spread like wildfire during a parched Texas summer.

Build a list of subjects to blog about by thinking about the questions family caregivers ask.  Answer these questions.  If family caregivers start finding the information they need from you, they’ll treat you as a valuable resource and eventually trust you enough to buy from you.

Post information to your blog at least twice a month.  You’re better off posting valuable content a couple of times a month than lower quality content more frequently.

Bonus benefit: blog posts also boost your search engine rankings. They do this because your website grows and because it changes frequently.  Also, if you post valuable content, other website will start linking to your blog.  This builds your backlinks which are critical to being found.

A Video Speaks a Million Words

Many people would prefer to watch video than to read.  Plus, video can communicate so much more.

A retirement community can use video to create a virtual tour.  A company selling mobility scooters can dramatize the feeling of freedom achieved when riding on a scooter through the park.  Use videos on your website, link to them on social media pages, or send them in email campaigns.

An E-Newsletter Keeps You Top of Mind

It’s all about keeping in touch with family caregivers and staying top of mind. So send out an e-newsletterwith information that’s helpful to your referral sources, prospects and customers.  You can include a few lines about your services or products each month, to educate them on the breadth of your offering.

Track It

One of the joys of Internet marketing is that it’s so easy to track.  You can check your web visits, what pages visitors engaged in, where they clicked, and if they subscribed.  You can track how many opened your e-newsletters and whether they clicked through to your site.  When you know what’s working and what’s not, you can duplicate your successes and walk away from the flops.

Nurture It

Give it time. In most cases, success is not built overnight online.  So be prepared to plant the seeds, water and weed until one day your online crop can be harvested into loyal customers.

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