Landing Page Template for Boosting Lead Conversions

landing page template

9 Tips for Creating the Best Landing Pages — a Key to the Landing Page Template

1.  Keep it clean – remove the distractions of navigation.

2.  Start with a compelling headline that offers a promise.

3.  Paint a picture of your prospect’s frustrations and how reading your report, participating in your webinar, or viewing your video can change their lives for the better.

4.  Include a visual of your ‘lead magnet’ to make it more tangible.

5.  Ask them to subscribe—but don’t ask for too much information. As you develop a relationship you can ask for more, giving your prospects further incentives to share their contact information with you.

6.  Add some more information for those not yet convinced to entice them to fill in your form.

7. Include information on what they can expect after filling in the form, assuring them that they will not be spammed.

8.  Add credibility with a testimonial or other trust element such as the Better Business Bureau logo.

9. Include another sign-up form lower on the page—just to catch those who scrolled further through your page.

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