The Keyword Formula for Copywriting for SEO

If you want to boost your website’s position in the search engine rankings, you have implement copywriting for SEO the right way.

Keyword Density when Copywriting for SEO

Naturally the keyword phrase you’ve chosen has to be included, but how often?  So you scramble around and look at the suggestions from all of the SEO gurus and what do you find? They all say something different.  One expert may say to make your keyword phrase 2.0% of your copy and another may say 3.5%. Who’s correct?  The solution varies from “no one really understands except the individual who locked Google’s algorithm in the vault’ to ‘it depends.’

Check Out What’s Working

So what do you do? Actually, it’s easy.

You take a look at the competitors’ websites. Type your keyword phrase into Google (or whichever search engine you would like your site to appear on prominently) and determine which websites come up on the first page.

Now, you need to recognize that there are numerous factors that go into the recipe that lands them on the first page. Only one of them is SEO copywriting. So if you would like to be more sophisticated you ought to also examine other variables like directory listings, links, and whether the keyword is in the URL, title and description.

But take a look at the top ranking websites since they’re clearly doing a thing or two right.

Crunch the Numbers

So copy the web pages into Word. Now look at the number of words in the copy. Then use the ‘find’ button to search for your keyword.

If you’re using a phrase such as ‘copywriting for SEO’ you need to count how many times that keyword phrase is mentioned and then calculate this number as a percentage of the number of words on the web page.

You also have to count how many times ‘copywriting’ and ‘SEO’ are mentioned individually. Again calculate the use of each of these keywords as a fraction of the total word count. That tells you the percentage of times you have to use each keyword.

You also have to consider how the key phrase ‘copywriting for SEO’ and the keywords ‘copywriting’ and ‘SEO’ are used in the headings and sub heads. You have to model your web page after this as well. Also, make sure you add your header tags so Google understands what’s crucial on the web page.

Make SEO Success Your Model

So there it is. Stop wondering how you should create copywriting for SEO and look at the website copywriting on competitors’ websites as a model.

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  1. I think building an E-commerce website is no difference than building an offline business.This article shows clearly the level of knowledge,effort and time needed to rank a website on the first page of any major search engine. SEO techniques are the best and the quickest way to reach the high ranking but that is not the end of it. A lot of quality backlinks are needed, writing articles,blogging and other means to promote and stabilize the website ranking.

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