The Naked Truth about Internet Marketing Consulting

How to Cut through the Confusion and Make Money Online Now

Internet Marketing Consulting Demystified

Internet Marketing Consulting Naked FactsIf you have used any internet marketing consulting services, you may now be confused and, perhaps, even disappointed.

Confusion is rampant because internet marketing is adrift in a jumble of confusing language. They include: SEO, keywords, HTML, blogging, tweeting, friending, backlinking, AdWords, Meta tags, email auto-responders, web 2.o and more.

Disappointment occurs because many internet marketing consulting companies only offer a few pieces of the puzzle. That just doesn’t work.

So I’m stripping away the mystique and buzz words. There are six simple ingredients of that any internet marketing consulting company should be able to help you with.

  1. Build an alluring, well-designed website.
  2. Fill it until it’s brimming over with enticing, persuasive content that attracts your prospects and propels it up in the search engine rankings.
  3. Optimize your website for the search engines — on and off the site–to help your website climb to the top of the rankings.
  4. Foster relationships and spread your content through social media.
  5. Create bait, like e-books or webinars, to capture leads and build credibility.
  6. Nurture your leads with email marketing and further offers such as free consultations.  Lead them to your door and let them buy.

That’s it! But if you want to dig into the details there’s a potpouri of articles below to educate you.  Study up and do internet marketing yourself, or simply inform yourself before hiring an internet marketing consulting company.

Build an Alluring Website

Need a WordPress Developer?  Maybe Not.

WordPress Developer

The first thing you need for creating an Internet marketing machine is an alluring website. It should be built on a content management system (CMS) for easy updates.  If you don’t have the budget for a web developer, don’t worry.  You may not need to hire one.  Find out why.

Fill Your Website with Enticing, Persuasive Content

Website Copywriting: The Money-Making Home Page

Stumped on writing your home page?  Find out the five questions to ask that make it simple.

12 Copywriting Secrets for Powerful Landing Pages

How do copywriters write those long, compelling landing pages that have you reaching for your wallet?  Discover 12 steps to success.

How to Make Your Website the Center of Your Marketing Universe

Your website should be the center of your marketing universe.  Find out 7 tips for making it attractive, useful and persuasive to website visitors.

5 Powerful Tips to Turbocharge Your Website Copywriting

Watch this video to learn the building blocks for powerful website copywriting. Also, discover why the step that’s most often forgotten just could be what sets your website apart from your competition’s.

3 Guidelines to Make Your Website Copywriting More Compelling

Why do web visitors bounce off your website?  You might find the answer in these guidelines.

Website Copywriting Tips from Warren Buffett

Ever wonder how Warrant Buffett manages to make financial information compelling while so many other financial consultants fail to pass the snore and bore test?  Find out here.

The Copywriting Secret

The secret that’s guaranteed to help your business.

5 Tips to Avoid the Worst Gambles with Website Copywriting

5 copywriting tips that can stop you from gambling with success.

Powerful Website Copywriting Puts Visitors First

This simple change in your copywriting compels web visitors to read on.

Keep Website Copywriting Simple

Got jargon? Find out why it has to go.

Optimize Your Website For Search EnginesSEO

12 Ingredients for SEO Success

Discover 12 steps towards powerful search-engine-optimized website copywriting.

SEO: Discover the Number One Missed Step

What do many companies fail to do well that can make the difference to success with search engine optimization?

Keyword Research for SEO Success

How do you determine what keywords prospects use to find a company like yours? After all, you don’t have the privilege of peeking inside their minds. Find out here.

The Keyword Formula for Copywriting for SEO

Learn how to create your company’s keyword formula for climbing the search engines.

How to Build Your Inbound Marketing Machine, Step 1: SEO

You want to appear  in the organic search results.  70% of
searchers click on the organic search results and 60% of those go for
one of the top three listings.  So how do you get there?

Online Press Release Distribution No Longer Helps.  True or False?

As Google changes their algorithm, practices to climb to the top of the rankings also change.  Online press release distribution used to be a great way to build links.  Is that still true?

6 Compelling Reasons to Start Guest Blogging Now

It’s hard enough to find the time to write content for your own website. Right?  So why would you want to start writing for other companies’ blogs?

7 Quick Tips for Search Engine Optimization

While the Google algorithm is essentially locked in a vault, there are some steps for search engine optimization that most SEO gurus agree on.

Rev Up Long Tail SEO Copywriting Success with Long Tail Keyword Phrases

A long-tail keyword phrase is, as you might expect, longer than your
typical keyword phrase—-usually three to five words. Find out how they can help you to claim a starring role on Google.

Foster Relationships and Spread Your Contentsocial media

What Makes Content Go Viral

Social Media 101 Series

internet marketing baitCreate Your Bait

How to Write a White Paper That Gets Read

What questions should you ask to understand your target market better so you can write a useful white paper?

White Paper or E-Book: Which is Right for You?

There is confusion about the difference between white papers and e-books.  What’s the difference?  Does it matter?

Why Webinar?

Find out why webinars work and how to reap the results.

nurtureNurture Your Leads

Stay Top of Mind–Start an E-Newsletter

Discover how to incorporate an e-newsletter into your marketing programs and rev up results.

What Should You Test in Email Marketing

Do you know the top 5 things to test in email marketing?  Here’s a quick list that makes it simple.

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