What My Cat Can Teach You about Internet Marketing

by Carolyn Frith

Sometimes I need a break from Internet marketing to do something completely different.  So every weekend I volunteer in the cat room at Main Line Animal Rescue.  I cuddle and play with cats, socializing them in hopes of preparing them for their new homes.  It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

mozarts faceI had no plans to bring a cat home with me.  After all, my husband thought our clan of three was sufficient….until he came with me one weekend and met a cat I’d fallen in love with.  He too fell in love and Mozart moved in.

It turns out Mozart can teach us all a thing or two about Internet marketing.

Be Persistent and Consistent

Mozart doesn’t have a watch, but he knows when breakfast and dinner should be served. Just in case I get busy and it’s not top-of-mind for me, he’s always there with a reminder.  It could be a meow (or two) or simply arriving on my lap. And usually it’s quite a pleasant to see him.

And that’s the way Internet marketing is.  If you want prospects to remember you, you have to remind them gently that you exist.  You do that by posting blogs chock-full of useful information, educating and persuading via email auto-responders, creating a monthly e-newsletter and more.  And you do it consistently.  You don’t stop working on your Internet marketing when you get busy.

Be Entertaining

Whether Mozart is playing with his forever-chirping bird toy, racing through his meal so he can steal food from my other cats, or climbing to the top of a ladder, he never ceases to amuse.  And we all want a little entertainment.  Yes, we’re looking to learn, but it’s so much easier to digest new knowledge served with a frosting of entertainment.  The best Internet marketing entertains.  That’s why we’re seeing so many more videos. Because they engage more of our senses, they are more likely to amuse us.

Be Yourself

It’s probably easy if you’re a cat to be yourself.  But we humans sometimes put up barriers and try to act business-like at all times, keeping our individual quirks and sometimes even the best of our personalities hidden.

To be successful online you need to reveal your character because people want to connect with other people.  So let down that business shield and reveal a little of who you are.

Be Irresistible

irresistible internet marketing catOK – the truth is that Mozart found himself a home because he’s simply irresistible.  Again, I know it’s probably easier for him than most of us.  But if you make irresistible Internet marketing your goal, you’re going to go so much further than if you’re stuck at the point of:  ‘we just need to fill up this web page or e-book with words.’

My goal when I created my e-book ‘How to Transform your Website into an Internet Marketing Machine’ was to make it irresistible.  I mean it’s 57-pages jam-packed with juicy, practical information to set you on the path to Internet marketing success.  And it’s free.  How could anyone interested  in Internet marketing resist that?


cat relaxingOnce you’re finished blogging, creating tempting bait for leads, and following up with informative email messages, relax and let your website do the work.

To learn more about how Internet marketing can work for your business download ‘How to Transform your Website into an Internet Marketing Machine.’ Or if you need help now, sign up for a free Internet marketing consultation or call 610-340-0622 now.



  1. Hi Carolyn, I enjoyed your post. Mozart sounds like a character. Similar qualities, I think, can be said about children. What a shame we all have to grow up.

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