Blueprint for an Inbound Marketing Machine

The Inbound Marketing Consultant

What does an inbound marketing consultant do? They help companies transform their websites into marketing and sales generation machines.Inbound Marketing Consultant Machine

Let’s go back a bit. In the industrial revolution we created machines to manufacture everything from candy to cars.  According to Wikipedia, lathes and other machine tools of the Industrial Revolution enabled high precision, and the mass reproduction of parts with that precision.

Fast forward to the age of Web 2.0.  Websites no longer have to be static, acting simply as online brochures.  We now are able  to interact with web visitors on websites and in online communities.  And smart marketers are now creating inbound marketing machines. They  attract prospects with precision and convert them to leads and sales, reproducing results predictably to grow business.

Do you hate selling and being sold to?

Truth is, there are some natural, born sellers out there, but most of us will find every excuse in the world to avoid selling.

However, in the back of our minds, we know that we need to do something to fast-track the sales growth.

The other side of this is — do you like to be sold to? No? Most people don’t. On the other hand, when you find something you really want, that you believe could make your life better, do you enjoy buying it? Of course you do. After all, your life is going to be better.

The Gears of an Inbound Marketing Machine

So imagine being able to create an inbound marketing machine that does the selling for you.  It gets people to the point where they want to buy from you by doing the following.

web visitors part of the inbound marketing machine

Attracting website visitors by helping your website star on the first page of Google. Do this by producing content—blog posts, videos, reports and more. And remember fodder for the search engines must also be engaging and informative for your prospects and clients.

leads part of inbound marketing consultant machine

Convert website visitors to leads by offering ‘bait pieces’ in exchange for contact information. You need to find out what your prospects want help on and provide it. This helps to educate them on the value you provide, positions your company as the expert, and builds trust.

lead nurture for inbound marketing consultant machine


Nurturing your leads with automated email responses. This is important because it’s rare that a web visitor is ready to buy they first time they wander onto your website. But if you gradually feed them little chunks of information, you’re more likely to see them transform into clients.

measure inbound marketing consultant machine

Measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of your inbound marketing machine so you can tweak it and optimize it so runs without a hitch.

phone calls generated by inbound marketing consultant


Getting the phone ringing with calls from people who have already developed a relationship with you through the content you’ve provided. They already know, like and trust you. They understand what makes your organization different. In fact, they’re ready to buy.

Finally, just for fun–check this out.


Build Your Own Inbound Marketing Machine

If you’re interested in creating an inbound marketing machine for your organization, stay tuned to this blog. I’ll be outlining the instructions of how to assemble your own inbound marketing machine, keep it well oiled and running on all gears.

Of course, if you need help with inbound marketing now, call Carolyn Frith Marketing at 610-340-0622 and or email and request a free, 30-minute, no-obligation consultation.



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