How to Build Your Inbound Marketing Machine, Step 1: SEO

In my last blog post I talked about the ‘Inbound Marketing Consultant’s Blueprint for a Marketing Machine.’ You may remember that cogs in this inbound machine include:

  • Getting found;
  • Converting visitors to leads;
  • Automating systems to follow-up and convert leads to sales; and
  • Measuring and analyzing results in order to improve them.

Inbound Marketing SEOSo the first cog in your inbound marketing machine, assuming, of course, you’ve built an engaging website, is getting found online–or search engine optimization (SEO).

There are a couple of ways for your website to claim a starring role on Google and other search engines.  The quickest way is to use Google AdWords. Bid up the cost-per click for the keyword phrase of your choice and you’re on the top of the rankings. Simple.

But there are a couple of downsides:

  • You pay to play in your starring role and, unless you have a very generous marketing budget this may not be sustainable.
  • Web visitors are far more likely to trust the ‘organic’ search results than the paid advertising.

SEO for inbound marketingThat means you’re better off appearing in the organic search results.  70% of searchers click on the organic search results and 60% of those go for one of the top three listings.  So how do you get there?

Plan for Success

The planning starts with keyword research–the most frequently missed step in search engine optimization.  Before launching into a campaign to conquer the search engine rankings you need to know that the keyword phrase you’ve chosen is not only relevant, but it’s also possible for your website to beat the competition’s SEO efforts, and that the phrase can bring in the profits.

You also need to develop a plan for web content creation because Google loves to serve up fresh content that engages readers.  After all, that’s their promise to the people who use their search engine–they will deliver the most relevant and interesting web results for each search.

Your content plan may include:

  • Website content– you can expand sections of your website to add more content.  For example, you might have a services page.  Can this page be divided into several more detailed sections, each targeting a specific long-tail keyword?
  • Blog–many organizations have discovered that having a blog is the most efficient way to create content  and attract web visitors on an ongoing basis.
  • White papers/e-books–you can use these for search engine optimization and to help capture leads.

And don’t forget to incorporate video and graphics wherever possible.  It’s not only written words that attract.  Videos tend to engage web visitors longer and, therefore, rank higher on the search engines.

Persist, Persist, Persist

The more content you produce, the more likely your website is to rise in the search engine rankings.  So if you have a blog, commit to it. Write a post at least once a week. And if you have the stamina for posting two or three times a week, your website will reach its goal quicker.

Search Engine Optimize Your Content

When you write new content for your website, make sure you search engine optimize it:

  • Sprinkle in keyword phases in all the right places.  The title and first sentence, for example, are critical.  For other clues on high-profile places, check out the competition who are already topping the rankings for your chose keyword phrase.
  • Add header and alt tags to give the  search engine spiders guide posts as they crawl your website.
  • Create title and meta tags that are keyword rich…and persuasive.  This is what appears in the search engine results.

Attract Backlinks

Backlinks for SEO cog of inbound marketingWhat happens on your website is only part of the puzzle.  75 to 80% of search engine optimization is attracting backlinks from other websites.  Excellent content helps attract backlinks.  But first people need to know it exists.  So spread your content through social media.  Make it easy to share your content with social share buttons.

Share Your Thoughts about Search Engine Optimization

What has worked best for you in moving your website up in the search engine rankings?  What have you struggled with?

And if you need help with search engine optimization or any other cog in the inbound marketing machine, call Carolyn Frith Marketing at 610-340-0622 now for your FREE 30-minute consultation with an inbound marketing consultant.



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