How to Write a Press Release That Gets Published

How to get a press release published is a mystery to many business people. While there are publicity stunts you can orchestrate to gain attention, most media coverage starts with the age-old press release. But most people don’t know how to write them.

The Press Release Formula

press release published in newsWhen you write a press release, your number one job is to make the life of a reporter just a little bit easier. (No, it’s not to sell your widget –- you can only do that if you satisfy job number one.) Reporters are all on deadline so if you can give them a newsy story with engaging pictures, you are their hero. They publish your story. They go home on time. You’re happy. They’re happy.

So here’s the quick formula for success:

Start with a headline with a news angle. You can look at a newspaper and see the condensed, style that is used.

Answer the key questions in the first paragraph – who, what, where, why and when.

The second paragraph is your opportunity to go a little beyond the facts and into opinions. Put the stuff you really want to say, that might be considered subjective, into a quote from someone relevant to the story. It could be the president of the company, a happy client or an industry expert.

In the third paragraph you elaborate on the facts mentioned in the second paragraph. This, of course, has to be strictly fact based.

End with the details. What’s your address? Your website? How can people reach you? How much does your product cost?

Take a photograph that depicts the story.

Send it. You can make this easy and do this by email, but make sure each reporter or editor receives a personalized note.

It’s a Press Release — Not a Brochure

Beware of the number one mistake—writing your news release the same way you’d write copy for a sales brochure. Media outlets do not publish releases that are overtly self promotional.

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