How to Shortcut Your Sales Cycle with Internet Marketing Strategies

internet marketing strategiesIn the early 90’s the Internet marketing strategies of today did not exist.  Websites were simply static, online brochures.  But in the era of Web 2.0 your company can now create a website that interacts with users.  You can build online communities and share content from blog posts and white papers to videos and webinars.  In the process you can foster relationships, build trust, demonstrate value and lead prospects to the point where they want to buy.

Web 2.o is to marketing what the industrial revolution was to manufacturing. In the industrial revolution machine tools enabled high precision, mass reproduction and efficiencies that reduced cost. From textiles to transportation systems, it revolutionized the way things were produced.  It destroyed the old way of doing things.

Likewise, Web 2.0 enables you to build an online marketing machine that attracts prospects and converts them to customers with a greater precision, repeatability and cost effectiveness than traditional marketing and sales techniques. While offline-marketing tactics, such as direct mail and advertising, are still used, marketing will never be the same again.  Companies are devoting a greater percentage of their marketing budgets to web marketing every year because it works!

Your online marketing machine, when monitored and optimized over time, can offer a repeatable, precise process for generating sales.  You can hone your method to:internet marketing funnel

  •  attract web visitors,
  •  convert leads,
  •  nurture leads, and
  •  transform leads into sales.

That’s because you can analyze each step of the process to learn what’s working and what’s not. Then you can optimize it.

You need to understand what percent of your web visitors  convert to leads, the percent of those that convert to customers, and the revenues those customers generate.  Then you start to understand how to turn the knobs on your machine  to increase visitors and conversion rates.

Imagine understanding with a much higher level of accuracy exactly what marketing effort is required to produce the results you’re seeking! With this knowledge you can shortcut your sales cycle and grow your business predictably.

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  1. Greg Patterson says:

    Niche internet marketing focuses on marketing products and services which are, or can appear, tailor-made for a specific subset of consumers who are expected to buy the product or service with a specific motivation. The online advertising message (or product web site) can then be similarly tailor-made to target that assumed motivation.

  2. Vicente T. Fleming says:

    The best strategy is a synthesis of all things internet marketing such as press releases, articles, white papers, free tools, widgets, plugins , themes, blogs, e-books, video and social media engagement. To look past one for another is short-sighted. It boils down to relevance and choice or which yields the most significant selection of opportunity.

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