How to Make your Website the Center of Your Marketing Universe

Websites are more important than ever. Is yours doing its job?

Your prospects carry your website in their pocket or their purse. They can look at it in the grocery line, on the sidelines of a baseball field, while on a train, waiting for a doctor, or lying in bed. Your website now has the ability to interact with the people you want to reach any time of day or night, almost anyplace they are.

Can you say the same for a brochure? An ad? A radio spot?

That’s why I like to say your website should be the center of your marketing universe. It’s an essential — and always-accessible — hub that allows prospects to get to know what you offer, and what makes your company unique.

How to make the most of your website hub

You can supercharge your website by taking it well beyond the standard four pages: Home, About, Contact Us and Services (or products). Consider incorporating:

A regular blog.

A blog allows you to share information, establish your expertise, and communicate with prospects through comments they leave on your site.

A forum.

It’s not difficult to set up a forum area on your site. You can make it private, and charge a fee for people to access it. Or, you can keep it public and open to anyone who needs it. Forums are excellent places to handle questions and provide customer support, and they’re a great way to build community.


Sometimes only a moving picture will do to explain a process or demonstrate a product. And any video that shows you or your employees in action will help prospects connect with what you offer.


Along with carrying the web in their pockets, many of your prospects are carrying MP3 players, too. Why not give them something to listen to? An audio is relatively easy to make, easy to upload to your site, and easy to share. You can answer prospect’s questions, share information, or record a presentation.


PDF ebooks that answer common questions and provide guidance are another helpful resource you can offer on your website. Your ebooks don’t have to be long, and can take many forms including white papers, case studies, worksheets, answers to commonly asked questions, buyer’s guides, installation instructions, and even mini posters.


Make communication two-way! Use forms on your site to give prospects and customers a quick, easy way to send you a message. You can create forms that collect information from your prospects, and even set up forms that funnel requests to the proper person.


Infographics present information, news or data in a way that makes it easy to understand and process. A good infographic distills complex information and converts it into something the reader can use.

What can you do to supercharge your website and make it the center of your marketing universe? Pick one of the ideas above, and make it happen this year!become your own web developer

About the author: Pamela Wilson founded Big Brand System to help small business owners learn to market their businesses themselves. She’s the co-creator of Site Setup Kit, the all-in-one system for helping people create a website they love, and can manage themselves.





  1. Hi Carlolyn

    I have found blogging to be excellent for super charging my website. It has benefited my business in mainly two ways:

    * increased Internet traffic (after about 8 posts)
    * my blogs have become excellent sales tools to refer clients to..

    The thing with blogging, though, is that you just have to keep at it. This year I have tried to write one new blog a week and, I must say, it hasn’t always been easy.

    • Andrew:

      I totally agree with you. It’s almost impossible to keep up with the blogging. I had a new year’s resolution to blog every week and made it through about one month (just like most new year’s resolutions!) I’m writing so much for my clients that my own work gets pushed aside.


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