6 Reasons Not to Hire a Copywriter

1. I Can’t Afford a Copywriter.

If your marketing budget or corporate bank account has completely shriveled up, it may be true that you can’t afford a copywriter. (Warning: seek help soon!)

But try not to create print advertising, direct mail, a website, a brochure or other marketing materials without the help of a copywriter because you risk wasting precious time and dollars on graphic design, ad space, postage, printing and web hosting with little to show in return.

Your marketing tools are virtual salespeople who work 24/7. Don’t you look for experienced, persuasive sales people? Deal makers who get results? If so, then demand the same from your marketing materials. Hire a copywriter who understands the secrets to crafting words that build credibility, tap into emotions and desires, demonstrate your uniqueness and why prospects are better off if they buy your product, persuade them to take action, and generate leads and sales.

2. I Can Write The Copy Myself

This may be true if all of the following are apply:

  • You love copywriting.
  • You can write to engage and persuade.
  • You understand the best practices writing copy for all marketing formats (brochures, websites, whitepapers, case studies, print ads, press releases and more).
  • You’ve got plenty of time on your hands that couldn’t be employed better in other areas of your business.

3. We Have Some Copy Already

While some copy may be re-purposed, it needs to be done carefully. Brochure copy, for instance, used as a basis for a website can be a disaster. You must understand the guidelines for persuading in each marketing format so you can pick and choose carefully when you recycle copy.

4. We Don’t Need any Copy

What? If you don’t need any copy written, you probably don’t have a marketing plan. Which means your business may not be on the path to profitability.

There’s always been a demand for persuasive copywriting, but in the new millennium the need for writing has blossomed due to the power of the web. That’s where people find you when they’re actively seeking your product or service.

Do you want a website that hides at the bottom of the search engine rankings?

If not,  you need to offer content as “bait” to lure your prospects: web pages with keywords, reports, articles, blogs, videos, tip sheets and more, all with information that helps your prospects, builds your credibility and softly sells your product or service.

On top of that there are all the traditional copywriting needs: advertisements, newsletters, direct mail campaigns, video/CD-ROM scripts, press release, radio and TV spots, business letters, sales sheets, testimonials, manuals, executive bios, case studies, annual reports, menus—I could go on.

5. I Know My Business Better Than Anyone Else

It’s true. You know your business inside out. That’s great, but it also can lead to problems when writing copy. Most businesses end up developing their own internal lingo that outsiders don’t understand. When this lingo floats into copy that’s meant to engage prospects, it turns them cold. Also, when you know your products and services so well, sometimes you miss conveying important facts and benefits because they are so obvious to you.

6. I Love Copywriting.

Not only do I love copywriting, but I can write persuasive copy. I understand best practices for writing copy for all marketing formats from print ads to websites. There is nothing better I could do with my time or my team’s time to move the business forward.

You got me on this one. You should write your own copy.

But if you do need copywriting help, call Carolyn Frith Marketing now at 610-340-0622 for your free 30-minute, no-obligation consultation or email cfrith@carolynfrith.com.



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