What Should You Test in Email Marketing?

Top 5 Things to Test in E-Mail Marketing

According to an article in The Marketing Report, the top 5 things to test in email marketing are:

1. The landing page — this is the page built specifically to address the current promotion.

2. The subject line.

3. HTML (pretty emails) vs. text (words only).

4. Personalized with name vs. non‐personalized.

5. Long versus short copy.

In my experience, you get the quickest return for the least effort with a subject line test. Set up an A/B split.  Thats’ where you send half your emails out with one subject line and half with another.  Don’t change anything else.  I have seen A/B splits where one subject line out pulled another by more than 50% as measured in click‐throughs.

HTML can out pull text by 20% or even more. But in some cases, there is no lift in response.

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