Stay Top of Mind–Start an E-Newsletter

You’re working hard to direct traffic to your website. You’re offering juicy content. You’re luring prospects in with a ‘bait’ piece –- a free report, an informative video, a webinar.

But how do you turn your website traffic into customers?

Cultivate an E-Newsletter Opt-In List

E-Newsletter helps fish for businessYou trade your ‘bait’ for a little bit of info about them – their first name and email address. But you want more than that. You want permission to stay in touch.

Why? Because it takes 6-8 touches before someone feels like they know your business well enough to consider buying something from you. With the Internet-information deluge they could forget about your business quicker than a child forgets a mind-numbingly boring history lesson. (Not to say your content isn’t scintillating — it’s just the way it is.)

And it’s not just your website visitors who you want to reach.

It’s clients who you’re not working with on a day-to-day basis. Of course, you could call them every few weeks to see if they just happen to need what you offer at that particular moment. But that’s time consuming. Not to mention annoying. And, even worse, it may seem like you’ve got nothing better to do.

So this is what you do. When your website visitors sign up for the ‘bait’ piece, which by the way, is basically like raising their hand to say “I’m interested in what you’re offering,” you also ask them if they would like your e-newsletter.

Or you can simply offer the e-newsletter on its own, tempting them with the helpful hints it contains. You also ask your clients and offline prospects if you can add them to the list.

Of course, for the web visitors you need a double opt-in. This requires an auto-responder that gets back to them to say: “I know you signed up, but please confirm you really want this e-newsletter.” Then they come back to your website and reassure you: “yes, it wasn’t a slip of the finger. I checked that box because I really, really wanted your e-newsletter.”

Whew! Now you’ve got the opportunity to keep in touch and stay top of mind.

How to Create an E-Newsletter

It’s time to create an e-newsletter. You don’t have to do it every day or every week. Once a month is a good way to get started. If you don’t have time, find a company to help with the copywriting.

What’s in this e-newsletter? You don’t want it to be a sales pitch because no one wants to be sold. It should be to brimming with helpful information for your prospects and customers. You can definitely add a call to action and/or a special offer. And add a link to a landing page where you can give a stronger push with a sales message.

Track and Test Your E-Newsletter

Once you start sending the e-newsletter, you’re going to love how you can track it. You can monitor how many e-newsletters were opened and how many people clicked through to your website.

Then when you’ve created a big enough e-newsletter list, you can split your e-newsletter into two batches and test headlines to see which receives the higher open rate. (There are other things you can test too.) This way you can duplicate your successes and walk away from the flops.

Give it time. In most cases e-newsletter success is not built overnight. So be prepared to plant the seeds and water. One day your e-newsletter crop can be harvested into loyal customers.


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