Direct Mail Isn’t Dead

Direct Mail Marketing to SeniorsThe post office has been in a panic recently because people just aren’t mailing letters and materials as often as they used to. That’s because there are so many more options.

But it doesn’t mean that direct mail is dead, especially for seniors. They didn’t grow up with the web and are more likely than younger generations to read the mail that comes their way. Also, there’s less mail to sort through so if you send a direct mail piece, it’s more likely to stand out.

However, direct mail needs some good planning for optimal results.

Who do You Mail To?

The mailing list is most important in determining the success of a direct mail campaign. To boost your results, model the demographics of your clientele, then buy a list that matches those demographics so you can conduct some targeted direct mail campaigns.

What Should you Offer?

Once you’ve selected a mailing list, create a low risk, high reward offer that is hard to resist. If you’re marketing a senior community, you might want to organize an open house with yummy hors d’oeuvres and an informative talk or demonstration on topics such as ‘Fall Prevention’ or ‘Exercises that Keep You Young.’ There’s no risk in that. A little fun, food, and an opportunity to see your community is comfortable and convenient.

Copywriting Done Right

Then write copy that empathizes with your audience’s emotions and helps them break through denial and guilt. Paint a picture of other people who have been in similar situations to the senior you are targeting, how they had narrowed their life experiences before buying your product or service and how their lives were enriched once they purchased it. To add some credibility, pepper the copy liberally with testimonials from your happy clients.

Follow Up, Follow Up

Capture the names, addresses and email addresses of all who attended. Make sure you have a plan for how you are going to follow up with them. You can mix up the medias—a little direct mail, email marketing, chatting on the phone. Just try a few different marketing tactics and see what mix works best for you.

Test, Test and Test Again

Marketing isn’t magic. It takes time and testing. But if you stick with it and test, test, test, you’ll come up with the formula that works for your business.

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