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Website Copywriting Turns Browsers into Buyers

website copywriterThere’s no need for costly direct mail or advertising.  No need to consume time networking and cold calling. You can transform your web pages into magnets for search engines, star on the first page of Google, capture leads and convert browsers to buyers.  All you need is website copywriting.

There are three building blocks to creating a site that works hard.

First there’s the technology to assure it runs smoothly – web pages load in a split second, links sprint to their destinations, and leads are captured.

Then there’s the pretty stuff – the branding, eye-candy and visual cues.

And finally there’s website copywriting.

Or, at least, that’s the way most people attack it. They hire the web developer, the web designer and, at a last minute they hire the website copywriter. But that’s not the way it should be.

Web Copywriting:  How Many Tackle It

website copywriting at last minuteOften business people fill web pages with copy that’s cut and pasted from a couple of old brochures, or spewed out by whoever has a few free hours to string words together like sausages.

In the rush to meet the launch deadline, the company’s goals to attract, engage and persuade web visitors are all but forgotten. website deadline, copywriting

Our Website Copywriting Engages and Persuades

Carolyn Frith Marketing puts magnetic copywriting first. So why do you need a website copywriter?

A copywriter can revitalize your site, or create a new one that engages and converts.  Our web copywriter process includes the following.

website copywriter interviewInterviewing you to learn:

  • Your goals for your website.
  • How your product or service can improve your prospects’ lives.
  • Why your prospects are better off buying from you than your competitors.
  • Your prospects’ hopes, dreams and fears.

Assuring your website page headers and labels clearly point web visitors in the right direction so they find what they need.

Creating website copy that captivates your prospects, taps into their emotions, arouses their interest and compels them to inquire or buy.

Writing for scanners.

Creating crisp headlines, snappy sub-heads and welcome white space.

website copywriting peppered with testimonialsPeppering your website with testimonials, guarantees, and case studies that build trust.

Advising you on website content to show your skills and produce leads.  And then creating it: white papers, tip sheets, blogs and more.

A Website Copywriter Can Help You to Climb the Search Engine Ranks

How can a website copywriter convince search engines to boost the rankings for your web pages?

SEO website copywritingAfter creating copywriting that engages people, we optimize for search engines.  After all what’s the point of a web pages that no one can find it? And why be found if your site doesn’t capture the imagination and hold your website visitors’ attention?

How can you win the battle for first page on the search engine rankings?

It starts with keyword research–sifting through hundreds of relevant keywords to find the golden nuggets that drive traffic, build profits, and are not too competitive. If you’re in a highly competitive category, we work with long-tail keywords. The goal is to find keywords where each of your web pages has a fighting chance to ascend to the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We check out your competition to discover the map for success. After all, whoever is perched at the top of the search rankings on your chosen keyword phrase must be doing something right! We use this map and the best practices for SEO copywriting to sprinkle keywords into your web pages in just the right proportions.  We add header tags and alt tags so the search engines can cruise easily through your site’s pages and find your keywords.

Website copywriting also includes creating a keyword-rich, persuasive titles and descriptions for your web page. That’s what your prospects see in the search engine results.

Build a Content Rich Website

The search engines look at website page count. Bigger is better. So you have to develop a plan to build out your site.  We develop content with blogging, white papers, tip sheets, e-zines, case studies, videos and more.

Off-Page Web Copywriting

Link building through website copywriting and contentOur services include writing articles that are published on directories and blogs across the Internet. This helps build backlinks to your website which are now more important to search engine optimization than on-page optimization.  The search engines see backlinks and votes for the popularity of your web pages.  So to rise to the top, and stay there, you need to build links.

Back to Technology and Design

Finally, we work with a team of experts to:

  • Design a visually appealing website that reflects your company’s image and reinforces your message; and
  • implement technology for a smooth-running website.

Do you need a website copywriter to enliven your site and transform it into a magnet for search engines? Check out our website copywriting packages.  Or call NOW at  610-340-0622  or email

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