The Copywriting Secret

The powerful marketing secret that’s GUARANTEED to help build your business.

Businesses that are successful embrace this all but forgotten secret. They blend it into everything from old-fashioned advertising and direct mail to bright, shiny new social media and blogging. Why? Because it can transform a so-so businesses into a sizzling success.

The secret to creating a well-oiled marketing machine is easy-to-read, engaging copy that arouses curiosity and paints a distinct picture of how your product or service can improve your prospects’ lives. It convinces them to punch your number into their phone, walk into your store or restaurant, or double click the “Buy Now” button on your website.copywriting convinces

A copywriter understands this. They know copywriting can get the cash flowing.

If copywriters know about it, why do I call it a secret? Just scan a few websites, brochures or ads and you’ll see. Few seem to know about powerful copy. It’s clear they haven’t hired a copywriter because they fill space on websites and in brochures with words that don’t pass a simple bore and snore test. OK—that doesn’t really exist, but it should. They lose sight of their ultimate goal: PERSUASION.

A copywriter can create your three-step recipe for business growth:

1. Choose your words with precision.

2. Polish them like valuable gems until they sparkle, shine and attract.

3. Put them to work on your website, in your advertising and all marketing materials.

Here’s what you’ll get with strong copywriting:

A strong, silent sales force that sells for you even as you sleep. The joy of waking up richer every day….without working any harder.

Are you ready for marketing success?

Copywriting successDo you want copy that dances off the page, entertains, grabs your prospects’ hearts and minds, and holds on like a barnacle? Do you want copy that captivates, spurs action and magnetically attracts more business than you ever thought possible?

Your answer is yes, but let me guess…

You’re too busy? You don’t know how to write copy? You don’t even have a marketing plan?

That’s OK.  No need to pile on more work or learn a new skill.  Call Carolyn Frith Marketing now at  610-340-0622  or email: for a FREE 30-minute consultation and to learn how she can help.

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