Copywriting Services

Are you working hard to drive business growth while your marketing materials are asleep at the wheel?  If so, it’s time to wake them up with words that work, and watch your business explode with a flood of leads and more customers than you ever dreamed possible.

If you want your business to flourish, you need a strong, silent sales force of printed and online marketing materials that sells for you — at all hours.  You need carefully crafted words that build credibility and relationships. They convince your prospect that your product or service can improve their lives.

But if you’re too busy or struggling to put words on paper, there’s no need to add more work to your jam-packed, not-a-minute-to-spare days.   No need to stress over learning a completely new skill.  Put over 25 years of marketing experience to work or you. Copywriting services from Carolyn Frith Marketing range from ads to websites and more.


Get into the hearts and minds of your prospects with copywriting that convinces them they can no longer live without your product or service.


They’re often one of the first things your prospect sees.  Just like you, your brochure needs to make a good first impression.

Business Letters

These things seem to crop up when you’re not expecting them—and never when you have the time!  Whether you’re sending a new price book, information requested or a product announcement to your sales force, you’ll want to send a letter to accompany it.  All business letters can reinforce your brand and sell your product.  Don’t miss the opportunity.


Need content for a content marketing program?  Check out our content creation programs.

Direct Response Letters

You want a response–a lead or a sale.  Get what you want with friendly, open letters that build desire for your product, credibility for your business and motivate action with irresistible offers.

Email Marketing

Compelling copywriting for e-newsletters and other e-communications drives prospects and customers to your web site.  They have a high open and click-through rate.    They open the door to your website which does the heavy lifting.


Once you’ve got a customer, go for repeat sales.  A great way to keep your company in your customer’s mind is a monthly or quarterly newsletter.  And newsletters aren’t just for customers.  Use them internally to boost employee morale.

SEO Copywriting

Imagine the sales you would generate if your company’s website showed up just when someone was looking for what you offer.  We can create the copy with just the right number of keywords placed in the right spots to attract the search engines. Also, we’ll provide a road map for the meta, title, header, and alt tags.


Let your client do the selling for you.  We talk to your best customers, open them up and find out why they do business with you.  Then we write a persuasive testimonial and send it to them for their approval.


It’s time to engage your prospect and turn them into a lead or go for the sale.  But you’ve only got seconds to get their attention.  It’s just a simple click for them to move on to another website.  So your website copy needs to work really, really hard or they’re on their way. Check out our website copywriting packages.

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