E-Books and White Papers

How to Document Your Plant in Days Instead of Weeks, Leica Geosystems — 3D laser scanning

Since many of our e-books and white papers are out by clients in exchange for contact information, we do not show them on our website.  If you are interested in receiving sample, please contact us.


3D2B — Tele-Services

Claritysoft — Cloud-based CRM

Acurian — Clinical trials

 Case Studies

Unattended Scale System

Power Plant Case Study

Natural Gas Plant Upgrade

Bridge Reconstruction

A Race Against Time

Technology Turning Point

Guest Blog Post

Scanners Vs. Readers: How to Create Web Content that Engages Both Reader Styles

Websites and Landing Pages

3D2B — tele-services

Soundview Executive Book Summaries — publishing

Strategic Exit Advisors — business value growth consultants

All Language Alliance — translation services

AllianceTek — information technology and software development

Miles Financial Management


Soundview Executive Book Summaries — publishing

Brochures and Flyers

Realize Assets Brochure — helping real estate investors build wealth.

Miles Financial Management Brochure — grant accounting services.
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