Copywriting for SEO–Write Your Way to Riches

Looking for some tricks for search engine optimization?  Hoping for some easy steps up the ladder of search engine stardom?

Sorry. No tricks here.

When it comes to starring on the first page of Google search results, there are no short cuts.  It takes time, work and commitment.

I know.  You’d love just a peek under the wraps of Google’s search engine algorithms, or a key that unlocks the mystery formulas they use to position one site for income generation and another for oblivion. Then you simply could tinker around with your website for a bit and get back to the rest of your business.

Forget Google’s Algorithms

Search engine optimization (SEO) tip: don’t worry about Google’s complex algorithm.  Even if you could decipher it today, it could reinvent itself by tomorrow.  So focus instead of what makes Google successful. What’s that? Helping people find what they want.

What does that mean to you?

Copywriting for SEO Step One

Pick the keywords that you want to perform well on in search engine queries.

Copywriting for SEO Step Two

Create the site people who search on those keywords are looking for.  And, of course, make sure your copywriter uses the keywords you’ve chosen.

Example of Copywriting for SEO

That means your website needs to contain content relevant to the keyword query you’ve chosen.  For example, if you want your website to perform well in a Google search for “Delectable Dog Food,”  your website needs to be full of information that’s relevant to the person (and their doggy friend) who is researching “delectable dog food.”  When I checked out this search, Dave’s Delectable Dinners Dog Food rose to the top.

So I took a quick look at Dave’s site.  It’s literally jam-packed with information for the delectable-dog-food seeker: all about dog food, dog food for special needs, dog food reviews, a dog food calculator, a dog food blog, recipes and much more.  I mean if you want delectable dog food, this website is the go-to site.

Valuable Content for Prospects

Copywriting for SEO SpidersHere’s the bonus. When you or your SEO copywriter creates website content that gets the search engine spiders in a tizzy of excitement that propels your website up the search engine rankings, you also develop website content that is valuable to your prospects, clients and customers. Because you give them valuable information and a good read, they stay longer, dig deeper, and get involved.  In the process they discover your brilliance or the unique benefits of your products.

Your Website Becomes a Cash Machine

Then your leads start to flow, phones ring and cash registers sing.  And isn’t that why you created the website in the first place?

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