On-Page SEO Copywriting: The Recipe for Results

Your copywriting for SEO recipe for success starts with these ingredients:

1. Keyword research.

2. Review of competitors to figure out the blueprint for keyword success.

3. Copywriting that persuades and engages.

4. Sprinkling in keywords and phrases in the correct proportions and places.

5. Adding header tags, alt tags, titles and descriptions.

I’m going to assume you’ve conducted keyword research and have discovered keyword  phrases that entice your target audience, generate sales and are not so competitive that you don’t have an opportunity to reach the positions in Google.

Review the Competition

The next step is to check out the websites that show up at the top of the search engine rankings. Even though they could be there in part because of off-page optimization initiatives, they are also likely doing something correctly with their on-page SEO copywriting. So there’s your blueprint.

Analyze how they’re doing their SEO copywriting.

How Many Words are on the Web Page?

What percentage of the words are your chosen keywords and phrases? Where do they place the keyword phrases? Are they at the beginning of the web-page title? Are the keywords in the sub heads? Are they in the links? Whatever they have done, you can copy their formula just don’t take anything else!

Copywriting for People Comes First

First compose the website page purely to engage and  persuade. Then edit it for search engine optimization. Be certain that when you edit it, you don’t lose any of your persuasive components or make it so repetitive with your keyword phrases that your web visitors click away.

Copywriting for SEO includes Tags and Titles

Now add the sign posts to help the search engines discover their way–the header tags and the alt tags. Now put together a keyword rich title and description. That’s what is featured in the search engine results so make sure it can convince your prospect to check out your website.

It’s a simple recipe, but takes time and skill to execute.  Also, on-page web copywriting is only part of the puzzle.  You also need off-page optimization –social signals and links from other websites–to climb to the first page of Google.

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