Social Media Helps Break Through Denial with Seniors

It Starts with Listening

Marketing to SeniorsIt takes conversation, listening, intimacy and trust to break through denial in seniors. Mostly listening. This process used to have to be done one to one which is why so many companies marketing products and services for seniors relied on their referral sources. [Read more…]

SEO Website Copywriting for Results

Why Website Copywriting is Critical

Your website is the face of your organization’s online presence. Why squander your website investment by not optimizing your website copywriting for engagement, persuasion and search engine optimization?

While the look and feel affects whether or not a website browser stays or leaves, it is readable, compelling copywriting that encourages website visitors to linger longer. [Read more…]

WARNING: Before You Start a Blog READ THIS

You’re on the starting blocks ready power forward into blog creation. You’re all fired up about a blog’s ability to attract prospects to your website and convert them into clients. You understand that a blog can help your website to scale the search engine rankings, and also provide a forum to show what you know and build credibility. [Read more…]

12 Website Copywriting Secrets for Powerful Landing Pages

You’ve probably read them. Those never-ending web landing pages with website copywriting that draws you in with a promise, builds the vision, and inspires you to buy.

You know it’s first-rate copywriting. You’d love to be able to write like that and double or triple your product’s sales. What are the secrets? [Read more…]

5 Tips to Avoid the Worst Gambles with Website Copywriting

Company owners invest in eye-catching web layout and then fill the pages with all the facts about their products and services. They sometimes even invest time and dollars on a social media campaign to draw more visitors to their website.

But they often gamble with their investment of time and money by overlooking the most crucial element of web development: the copywriting. [Read more…]

3 Guidelines to Make Your Website Copywriting more Compelling

Many people approach website copywriting as if filling the page with self praise will convince clients that their company is the best at what they do and it’s time to open their wallets.  But take a step back and ask yourself ‘when was the last time you were convinced by a chest-thumping braggart?’

Also, as they struggle to tell their visitors how their company is top notch, they often take a peek at the competition’s websites for a dose of inspiration.

Then they wonder, “why do our visitors only stay a few seconds?”  There are three problems with this approach to website copywriting. [Read more…]

The Keyword Formula for Copywriting for SEO

If you want to boost your website’s position in the search engine rankings, you have implement copywriting for SEO the right way. [Read more…]

On-Page SEO Copywriting: The Recipe for Results

Your copywriting for SEO recipe for success starts with these ingredients:

1. Keyword research.

2. Review of competitors to figure out the blueprint for keyword success.

3. Copywriting that persuades and engages.

4. Sprinkling in keywords and phrases in the correct proportions and places.

5. Adding header tags, alt tags, titles and descriptions. [Read more…]

Boost Your SEO Rankings with Article Marketing

The Challenge of Backlinks

If you’re trying to move your website up in the search engine rankings, you’ve probably discovered that one of the most difficult challenges is building back links. [Read more…]

5 Easy Steps to Persuasive Website Copywriting

Why Website Copywriting?

Why do people create copy for websites?

There is only one logical reason. They want someone to read it.

So if websites are written to be read, why do most businesses make them so mind-numbingly boring? [Read more…]