Online Press Release Distribution No Longer Helps SEO. True or False?

A well-worn Internet marketing tactic is to distribute press releases through an online distribution service that syndicates your press release to a myriad of news websites. If it’s well-written and news-worthy, you’ll be rewarded with online publicity and hundreds of links back to your website.

Link-Building with Press releases for SEOEach link acts as a vote telling Google there’s cool stuff on your website. These votes help Google separate the wheat from the chaff, and help your website to climb the search-engine-results’ ladder.

Recently, however, there’s been a lot of chatter online as to whether press release distribution still makes sense. [Read more…]

Why Internet Marketing Doesn’t Work

Are you, like many other business people, frustrated with Internet marketing?  When Internet marketing doesn’t work, some business people think they’ve purchased a lemon and simply walk away from it.

It’s sad because it’s possible some of the tactics they were using could have been effective, but they just needed to complement them with other Internet marketing initiatives. [Read more…]

Google AdWords Campaign Management: How to Get More For Less

Google AdWords Campaign ManagementThis week a business associate, let’s call him Bob, asked me for some advice on his company’s Google AdWords campaign management. He was concerned because he had seen a sudden drop off in traffic in the last few months.  When Bob had questioned Google about what to do about the problem, their answer was to increase spending.  Hmm–totally ignoring the concept of value. [Read more…]

What My Cat Can Teach You about Internet Marketing

by Carolyn Frith

Sometimes I need a break from Internet marketing to do something completely different.  So every weekend I volunteer in the cat room at Main Line Animal Rescue.  I cuddle and play with cats, socializing them in hopes of preparing them for their new homes.  It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

mozarts faceI had no plans to bring a cat home with me.  After all, my husband thought our clan of three was sufficient….until he came with me one weekend and met a cat I’d fallen in love with.  He too fell in love and Mozart moved in.

It turns out Mozart can teach us all a thing or two about Internet marketing. [Read more…]

How to Shortcut Your Sales Cycle with Internet Marketing Strategies

internet marketing strategiesIn the early 90’s the Internet marketing strategies of today did not exist.  Websites were simply static, online brochures.  But in the era of Web 2.0 your company can now create a website that interacts with users.  You can build online communities and share content from blog posts and white papers to videos and webinars.  In the process you can foster relationships, build trust, demonstrate value and lead prospects to the point where they want to buy.

Web 2.o is to marketing what the industrial revolution was to manufacturing. In the industrial revolution machine tools enabled high precision, mass reproduction and efficiencies that reduced cost. From textiles to transportation systems, it revolutionized the way things were produced.  It destroyed the old way of doing things. [Read more…]

Online Marketing Consultants: Unleash the Power of Blogging

Online marketing consultants and other business owners: are you ready to commit to blogging more consistently in the coming year?web marketing from veer

It’s Sunday afternoon and instead of sitting in comfy armchair with two cats on my lap (yes—they find a way to fit), I’m blogging. That’s because I’m in training for my new year’s resolution which is to blog once a week. There are to be no excuses, and I’m starting to build my blogging muscles now! [Read more…]

Landing Page Template for Boosting Lead Conversions

landing page template

9 Tips for Creating the Best Landing Pages — a Key to the Landing Page Template [Read more…]

How to Build Your Inbound Marketing Machine, Step 1: SEO

In my last blog post I talked about the ‘Inbound Marketing Consultant’s Blueprint for a Marketing Machine.’ You may remember that cogs in this inbound machine include:

  • Getting found;
  • Converting visitors to leads;
  • Automating systems to follow-up and convert leads to sales; and
  • Measuring and analyzing results in order to improve them.

Inbound Marketing SEOSo the first cog in your inbound marketing machine, assuming, of course, you’ve built an engaging website, is getting found online–or search engine optimization (SEO). [Read more…]

Blueprint for an Inbound Marketing Machine

The Inbound Marketing Consultant

What does an inbound marketing consultant do? They help companies transform their websites into marketing and sales generation machines.Inbound Marketing Consultant Machine

Let’s go back a bit. In the industrial revolution we created machines to manufacture everything from candy to cars.  According to Wikipedia, lathes and other machine tools of the Industrial Revolution enabled high precision, and the mass reproduction of parts with that precision. [Read more…]

Need a WordPress Developer? Maybe Not.

WordPress DeveloperIf you want a WordPress website you may not need to hire a WordPress developer.  I’m going to tell you a story that will explain why.

At the beginning of this year I had a problem.  When I first started my business in 2010, I took the quickest, easiest approach to developing a website.  I used one of Go Daddy’s templates.  My theory was I just needed a place to show my copywriting portfolio and I would be directing people to it when I met them or spoke to them on the phone. [Read more…]