7 Business-Boosting Reasons to Use Content Marketing

tv versus content marketingTraditional marketing is fading from the stage as content marketing takes the spotlight.

In the old days marketing professionals placed ads on TV, in magazines and newspapers.  They sent mailings to prospects, and, perhaps, put up some neon signs.

Marketers interrupted people with their messages.  For example, while you were engrossed in the unfolding plot of a TV suspense movie, a commercial suddenly intruded starring a fresh-faced woman with perfectly aligned, white teeth, who was peddling toothpaste.

You’re right – that still happens, but many companies have discovered that content marketing, which has blossomed in the Internet’s fertile ground, boosts their return on investment.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is creating content that interests your target audience and making it available where they’re looking for it.  So instead of renting space within someone else’s content, you create your own.  Instead of telling prospects your company is great, you show what you know.  In the process you develop relationships, create trust and eventually convert the hottest prospects into clients.

Top Content Marketing Tactics According to the Content Marketing Institute the top 10 content-marketing tactics are blogging, e-newsletters, white papers, article marketing, e-books, case studies, testimonials, micro-blogging (Twitter), webinars and videos.

The 7 Reasons Content Marketing Works

1.    Content Marketing Breaks Through Barriers

Who would you pay attention to—the person who’s teaching you about something that can help make your life better or the salesperson who’s trying to entice you to open your wallet?  Most people put up a mental barricade to a sales presentation, but are open to learning.

2.    Content Marketing Builds Trust

When you give away something of value for free, you automatically build trust.  And when it’s content jam-packed with helpful tips and insights, prospects see you as the expert they want to work with when they’re ready.

3.    Relevant Content Attracts Your Prospects

When someone is interested in a topic, they type it into a search engine. Then Google, Bing or Yahoo serves up the most relevant information in a flash.  (Of course, this assumes websites have been optimized for the search engines.)

4. Content is Shared

With email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a myriad of other ways to share content, it often spreads virally to like minded people in an instant.

5. Content is Affordable

You can create content yourself or you can have a professional writer or videographer do it for you.  Either way it’s less expensive than advertising and direct mail.  That’s why small and medium-sized companies, who value a bang for their buck, are adopting this strategy even faster than large organizations.

6.    Content Marketing Boosts Your Search Engine Optimization Efforts

It doesn’t matter what the latest search engine algorithm is, the bottom line is they want quality content.  Create it and your website will rise in the rankings.

7.    Content is Always Working

Unlike an ad that dies after you stop your media spending, when you create evergreen content, it just keeps on working!

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