Content Creation

content marketing and creationAccording to B2B 2013 Content Marketing: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends—North America, while 91% of B2B marketers are using content marketing, they are most challenged by producing enough content. It’s not surprising.  Marketing departments are lean and mean and creating engaging, informative cannot be accomplished when you’re juggling too many balls.

That’s why almost half of all B2B organizations are outsourcing their content creation.  And we’re here to help companies like yours with the following.

Articles and Blog Posts

If you’re having a hard time feeding your blog with fresh content or writing articles that show your expertise, we can help.  The process is simple.  We interview you to capture your expertise and viewpoint, and then transform the conversation into posts and articles.

With a simple conversation you’re able to provide fodder for the search engines and raise your website’s rankings. The posts also serve as material from which to start a conversation with a prospect or client and to position staff members as thought leaders in your industry.

Guest Blogging

Want to spread your influence further?  We’ll work with you to develop a guest blogging program that amplifies your insights and build brand awareness on popular, related website. In addition, this builds links to your website—one of the most critical and challenging elements of search engine optimization.

White Papers/E-Books

I interview your company’s experts and write white papers and e-books that demonstrate your expertise.  Rather than selling your prospects on your product or service, these documents help them solve a problem, and then gently lead them to the conclusion that your company is worth considering as a solution.  Use them to generate leads and increase your company’s visibility and credibility.

E-Mail Auto-responders

Research shows that you need to nurture leads with 7-12 touches before they feel comfortable moving along they buying cycle. We create a series of emails that can be sent automatically after your leads are captured to assure they receive enough touches to build trust and awareness. Each email is woven with time-tested persuasive techniques that pull your reader towards your desired objective.


Need to stay top of mind with your leads? We can help you create an e-newsletter.

Press Releases

Want free publicity?  Press releases that get through the media gatekeepers can get your business in newspapers, magazines and across the web. Just like guest blog posts, they build awareness as well as links to your site, bolstering its position in the search engine results.

Research Reports

We can analyze data and write an engaging, insightful research report that provides high value for your prospects and clients.

Video Scripts/Videos

Video is becoming a more popular content marketing tactic.  Learn about our video marketing services.

Case Studies

Prospects love to hear stories—especially about how their peers solved similar problems to those that they’re facing.  Stories of how you’ve helped clients help to build your credibility. They are engaging because they go beyond white papers and data sheets to include the real-life human drama.  Also, if you’re offering a product that’s hard to explain, a case study can clarify the benefits.

I interview you and your client, using techniques developed through years in market research conducting in-depth interviews. In addition to covering the problem and solution, I explain why the client chose your company, how they made the decision, the benefits they are receiving, and why they would recommend your company’s solution. And because your client is talking with an objective third-party, they are more likely to be open than they would be with your company’s staff members.

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