3 Guidelines to Make Your Website Copywriting more Compelling

Many people approach website copywriting as if filling the page with self praise will convince clients that their company is the best at what they do and it’s time to open their wallets.  But take a step back and ask yourself ‘when was the last time you were convinced by a chest-thumping braggart?’

Also, as they struggle to tell their visitors how their company is top notch, they often take a peek at the competition’s websites for a dose of inspiration.

Then they wonder, “why do our visitors only stay a few seconds?”  There are three problems with this approach to website copywriting.

1. Your Website Copywriting isn’t About Your Company.

This may sound ridiculous but you’re not writing about your company.  And if you’re uncomfortable with bragging, you’ll find this insight makes the website copywriting flow more easily.

But, you’re saying, if our website is not about us, who is it about?

It’s about your prospects, your customers and your clients.  And all they are interested in is themselves and the people they love.  Think about your best sales person.  Do they simply shout from a megaphone all the wonderful things about your company?  No.  They try to get to know their prospects, to understand their needs, and to show them how your company can help.

So, put yourself in your prospects’ shoes, their three bedroom ranch house, their corporate-cubicle job, and their growing family (or whatever it is for your particular prospects).  You’ve have to empathize with their struggles and understand how your company can make their lives better.

Sometimes, to adopt your prospects’ mindset, it helps to write a persona or description of them, as if they were characters in a play or a book.  Then as you write your website’s copy, identify with those characters and their hopes and dreams.  Engage your prospects with a story of how your company can reduce their worries and help them reach their goals. That’s the kind of website copywriting that gets results.

Bonus tip:  if you find yourself using the words ‘you’ and ‘your’ more than ‘we’ and ‘our,’ you’re on the right track.

2. Your Competition’s Website Copywriting is Poor.

How do I know this?  I don’t.  But I’m going out on a limb because based on the copywriting I’ve seen on many websites, the chances are good that whoever wrote for the competition doesn’t know the first thing about best practices for persuading through copywriting.

Go ahead and check out your competitors’ websites. It’s good to know what they’re up to, but don’t assume they’re doing it right.

So we’re back in your prospects’ three bedroom home, commuting to the office five days a week, stressed out and looking to make life a little easier.  Your website copy has persuaded them that your company can help but another question has popped up.

3. Why You?

Why should your prospect choose your company over your competitors’ companies?

You certainly won’t find the answer by reviewing your competitors’ websites.  What you might discover, however, is how they are positioning their companies in the minds of their prospects.  Don’t copy them.

Think about how your company’s strengths, what makes you different, and express it clearly.  This can make the difference between getting the lead or sale, and your prospect clicking away to check out your competition.

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