Social Media Helps Break Through Denial with Seniors

It Starts with Listening

Marketing to SeniorsIt takes conversation, listening, intimacy and trust to break through denial in seniors. Mostly listening. This process used to have to be done one to one which is why so many companies marketing products and services for seniors relied on their referral sources. [Read more…]

How To Diffuse Denial When Marketing to Seniors

If you are marketing to seniors you probably struggle with how to help a senior who needs your products or services when they won’t admit to their need.  And also, how do you overcome the emotional turmoil felt by their adult children who could influence a positive decision? [Read more…]

Seven Sales-Sizzling Reasons to Blog to the Senior Market

Marketing to SeniorsSome people think that blogging is a bit too new-fangled to be used effectively form marketing products or services to seniors. Not true. Here’s why. [Read more…]