B2B Content Marketing Trends For 2015

B2B Content Marketing Trends for 2015

For Content Marketers: The Anatomy of a Meaningful Marketing Story

Use this infographic to guide development of your marketing stories. Create more engaging stories, generate better results.

The Amazingly Simple Anatomy of a Meaningful Marketing Story [Infographic]

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The B2B Content Map Template

You have completed your persona research. Now you have a full understanding of your target market and the questions they ask related to your product category.

Now what? It’s time to create a content map.

A content map is a list of the questions that your prospects ask during their buying journey mapped to content topics that provide the answers. It ensures that you create content that’s useful to your target audience.

Use the content map template below as a guide to create your own. [Read more…]

How to Put an End to Hit or Miss Content Marketing

by Carolyn Frith

According to Quote Investigator, a woodsman was once asked, “What would you do if you had just five minutes to chop down a tree?” He answered, “I would spend the first two and a half minutes sharpening my axe.

The moral of the story is, preparation is the key to success.

44 percent use personas in content marketingSometimes, however, we gloss over the groundwork as we rush to grow our businesses. This frequently happens in content marketing. A 2014 study by ITSMA reports that only 44% of B2B are currently using personas—vivid descriptions of their buyers’ motivations, buying cycles and decision-making criteria.

Those who are using personas to guide their content creation experience:

  • More and higher quality leads
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Shorter sales cycles

66 percent use personas in content marketingSo, what are the other 56% doing? [Read more…]

5 Everyday B2B Sales Problems that Content Marketing Solves

potato chip marketing

by Carolyn Frith

A potato chip. A jet engine.

While it’s competitive and costly to market potato chips, most marketers would agree that it’s far less complicated than marketing a jet engine. Why?

The key to potato chip marketing is massive exposure. So you could, perhaps, use good old-fashioned TV advertising to create awareness and convince customers to buy. But you don’t have to worry much about educating the consumer. Some may skim through the nutritional information. Most consumers, however, in potato chip buying mode are likely laser-focused on treating their taste buds to a flavor-rich wake up call. They buy a bag, rip it open, munch on some chips, and if all goes well, get hooked and buy again.

On the other hand, whether it’s a jet engine, information technology solution, professional service, 3D laser scanner or some other business to business (B2B) product or service, marketing B2B is a labyrinth of challenges.

Luckily, for B2B marketers today, content marketing is form-fitted to solve B2B marketing problems. [Read more…]

5 Factors That Can Ruin Your Blog’s Traffic

by Jake Magleby

Blog TrafficSite traffic is the gold of the Internet. Without it, no matter how great your blog’s content or design, your site will sit unappreciated and unseen. Don’t let your hard work go to waste. Whether you are a new blogger or a veteran webmaster, you can learn the keys to driving great traffic to your website. Here are several factors that can ruin your blog’s traffic, and how you can turn it around.

1.  Ineffective Post Titles

The titles of your posts are critical to getting people to read your content. Your title is the hook that draws the reader in and gets them to click your link. If your title is vague, general, irrelevant, or boring, you will lose traffic—even if the content itself is amazing. This is why it is so important to take time to craft an effective and catchy title. Don’t spend all your time writing a high-quality post only to create a lazy title at the last minute.

The best titles are specific, unique, urgent, arouse curiosity, and provide value to the reader. A good rule of thumb is: If the reader has to see the content to understand the title, the title is ineffective. You should also be wary of using clever or cute titles. Though they are fun, they are often hard to optimize and are less specific and informative. Since your titles will be seen in the search results and feed readers, you need to make them grab your reader right away, without getting bogged down in vague, clever quips. [Read more…]

What’s Next for Google After Hummingbird?

Google HummingbirdBy guest author, Jake Magleby

For its 15th birthday Google gave itself a present — a brand new search engine algorithm. On September 27, 2013 Google announced the new Hummingbird algorithm. This update caught many people off guard, although Google had already been using the new algorithm for about a month by the time of the announcement.

Hummingbird was a subtle change for those less familiar with the intricate workings of Google. But for site moderators, the change meant a lot. [Read more…]

6 Compelling Reasons To Start Guest Blogging Now

guest bloggingWhen I mention that I’ve been guest blogging for some of my clients, I sometimes get a blank stare from business associates.  This tells me that while guest blogging is a hot topic in the internet and content marketing community, many business people are unaware of its potential.

Here are six reasons why you should be guest blogging. [Read more…]

Website Copywriting Tips from Warren Buffett

typing veerby Carolyn Frith

If your website copywriting was as engaging as Warren Buffett’s communications, do you think your website’s visitors might hang out longer on your website?  What are his communication secrets? How can you steep your website copywriting in them and make it more magnetic?

To find out, read on. [Read more…]

Online Press Release Distribution No Longer Helps SEO. True or False?

A well-worn Internet marketing tactic is to distribute press releases through an online distribution service that syndicates your press release to a myriad of news websites. If it’s well-written and news-worthy, you’ll be rewarded with online publicity and hundreds of links back to your website.

Link-Building with Press releases for SEOEach link acts as a vote telling Google there’s cool stuff on your website. These votes help Google separate the wheat from the chaff, and help your website to climb the search-engine-results’ ladder.

Recently, however, there’s been a lot of chatter online as to whether press release distribution still makes sense. [Read more…]