Build Your Sales with Case Studies for Seniors

Case Studies Sell

Feed your prospects’ imagination with case studies (also known as stories), and your revenues will grow fatter.

The power of a case study is that it goes beyond telling family caregivers and seniors what you do. It shows them. It engages them. A case study simply explains the problem, shows how your product or service solved it, and describes the results achieved.

Case Study Examples

You can tap into the emotions of a family caregiver who might be feeling some guilt about moving her mother to an assisted living facility. Tell a story of the daughter of one of your residents, Judy, who struggled who felt guilty about moving her mother to your community. Once Judy’s mother moved, she started to socialize with other residents and became more engaged in life than she had been in her own home. Now the Judy wishes she had made the decision sooner. How’s that for assuaging the guilt?

You can write this story out for people to read. Even more powerful? Have Judy and her mother tell the story on video–a testimonial and case study combined into one.

Or tell the story of Mable, a woman who had adapted her life to avoid issues getting up from a chair. She no longer read her book in the comfort of her arm chair for fear that she wouldn’t be able to get up. She sat in the rigid chair at the kitchen table. Here she didn’t sink down as much, and could push herself up using the table for leverage. Finally her husband, Bert, bought her a lift chair, and now she could not live without its comfort and ease of access.

When your prospects read these stories, or watch the videos, they recognize their own problems. They see how someone purchased your product or service and is better off today and they are more likely to buy.

You can use case studies on your website or in your offline materials.

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