6 Ways to Build Trust You Can Profit From

A prospect needs to know, like and trust you before they become a client.   So how can you build trust more quickly?

1. Press Releases

Imagine what a positive story about your company in local or national media can do for you.  Immediately your business is more credible.  Post the news story on your website and for a longer-lasting boost.   Write a press release, send it to the media and you’re on your way to fame and glory.

2. Testimonials

You can make all the claims you like about your company, but why should prospects believe you?  People are more likely to trust what your clients and customers say about you.  Solution: solicit testimonials.

3.  Case Studies

Write a case study—that’s corporate speak for success story.  And everyone lovesCase Study or Story a story.  The power of a case study is that it goes beyond telling prospects what you do.  It shows them.  It engages them.  The formula is simple: explain the problem, show how your product or service solved it, and describe the results achieved.  When prospects relate the story to their own lives, you’ll close sales quicker than ever before.

4.  White Papers

Create a white paper—a cross between a magazine article and a corporate brochure.  The beauty of a white paper is that it’s all about the soft-sell.  It educates the reader about the solution to a problem and then gently guides them on where to seek help in solving that problem.  (Hint:  your company.)  And, of course, it increases your credibility by showcasing your company as the expert in solving this problem.

5.  Tip Sheets

If you’re not ready yet for a full-blown white paper, you can try tip sheets.  An accountant might create tip sheet on “8 Ways QuickBooks can Increase Your Efficiency.”  An interior designer might offer a tip sheet called “7 Considerations when Choosing Colors.”  Whatever the tip sheet, make sure it helps your target market and shows that you know your stuff.

6. Pubic Speaking

The stats say that many people fear this one more than death, but it works: speaking.  Get a representative of your company up in front of a group of people and however good your company is, you get credit for being even better.  Someone willing to talk to an audience gains instant credibility as an expert in whatever subject they’re discussing.

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