10 Reasons Blogs are Good for Business

BlogAccording to the Content Marketing Institute blogging is the #1 content marketing tactic. Why? Here are 10 reasons…..in no particular order.

1. Blogs Help You Get Found

When prospects and customers have a need for your product or service, they no longer flip through the Yellow Pages. They simply type keywords related to their problem into Google, Yahoo and Bing.

And whose website do you want to pop up when they do that? If you’re saying “my own, of course,” you need to be publishing content that’s chock full of magnetic keywords. Often.

The easiest way to do that? A blog.

2. Blogs Build Credibility

Telling people you’re brilliant and knowledgeable can send the people you want to attract running in the opposite direction. So show them. It’s oh so much powerful. And a blog is the perfect place to do just that.

3. Blogs are Fodder for Social Media

Serve a buffet of tasty content to drive prospects to your website from Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Content that educates them. Content that helps them solve a problem. If you starve your social media efforts of informative content, you’ll reap anorexic results.Blogs are Social Media Fodder

4. Blogs Show Personality

We’ve gone beyond the days where business people hid behind their pin-striped suits. Successful businesses are stepping out in their comfy clothes and becoming human. Blogs allow you to show your personality – your kindness, your humor, what gets you revved up and what bugs you. Blogs allow people to get to know you, like you and trust you—three keys to success.

5. Blogs Start a Conversation

One way advertising is exiting stage right. Conversational marketing is moving up to have a starring role. It’s all about getting feedback, learning customer needs and addressing them.

6. Blogs Can Spotlight a Service or Product

You can illuminate a product or service you offer and explain why someone needs it. Just like I’m doing in this blog post.

I know lots of business people all excited about kicking the tires of social media, but they don’t seem to realize that they need a content strategy before they start “friending” and following. Now I can point them to this post to educate them on why their inbound marketing strategy needs to be fueled by content. And why a blog is a great place to start.

7. Blogs Enable You Publish Your Own News

You don’t want your blog to be overly self-promotional, but if you’ve got a new product or service that is going to make a difference in your readers’ lives, blog about it. No more waiting for the fickle media gatekeepers to get the word out. You’re in control.

8. Blogs Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Customers –once you’ve got them, you want to keep them. A blog lets you keep them up to date on what they want to know so you stay top of mind. Then when they need your product or service, they call you first.

9.Blogs Attract New Customers

We love our loyal clients but a stream of new clients or customers is also important for growing a business. A blog attracts them. Need I say more?

10.Blogs Make Money!

Last but not least. Once you’ve powered up your blog and visitors are pouring in from Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more, you can make some money off advertising. Or advertise your own affiliate links for a dividend that keeps on paying.

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