Seven Sales-Sizzling Reasons to Blog to the Senior Market

Marketing to SeniorsSome people think that blogging is a bit too new-fangled to be used effectively form marketing products or services to seniors. Not true. Here’s why.

First, you’re not just trying to reach seniors. You want to reach the people who influence them too: family caregivers, doctors, ministers, social workers, rabbis, legal advisors and more.

Second, seniors are surfing—online that is. The eMarketer reports that as of 2011 47%, almost half, of people 65 and over are online. And that statistic is only going to grow.

Since the senior market and the people who influence them are online, you need a blog for the following reasons.

1. Blogs Attract Seniors and the People Who Influence Them

You don’t want your website to be sitting out there like an island in the middle of the ocean. Seniors surf by but they never land ashore. You need seniors and their caregivers to find your website. It’s more critical than ever because your prospects are less likely to be flipping through the Yellow Pages when they need help. They simply type keywords related to their problem into Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and expect immediate answers.

Do you want your website to pop up when they do that? Of course you do. To gain status in the search engine results you need to be publishing content that’s chock full of hardworking keywords. And you need to do it often.

And blogging is the easiest way to expand your web content rapidly.

2. Blogs Build Credibility

There’s a sea of competition out there. Everyone wants a piece of the growing senior market. How do you distinguish you company from the competition? You’ve got to show that you’re different. Your blog is your platform to display your brilliance.

3. Blogs are Nutrients for Social Media Marketing

To drive prospects to your website from Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, you need to serve them a buffet of tasty content that they can learn from.

4. You are What You Blog

Your business needs a brand, a personality. You don’t want it to fade into the background with everyone else. Blogs allow you to show your personality – how much you care about seniors, where your passion comes from, and much more. Let your prospects get to know you. Over time they will grow to like you and trust you. Three ingredients for healthy conversions.

5. Kick Start a Conversation with a Blog

In the old days the primary marketing methods were one way—TV, magazines and newspapers. Now it’s a two-way conversation and it starts with a blog. And as I’ve mentioned before, conversation is so important in overcoming one of your biggest obstacles in marketing to seniors—denial. So when you start a blog, allow comments and provide timely feedback on the comments you receive.

6. Blog to Highlight Benefits

You can illuminate the benefits of a service you offer—without doing any hard selling. Maybe you run a homecare company which just started a partnership with a senior daycare center. You could blog about the benefits having a homecare company help a loved one get ready for their activity-packed day at the senior daycare center. It gets family caregivers thinking about new ways to solve problems.

7. Blog to Boost Brand Loyalty

Customers and clients –once you’ve got them, you want to keep them. A blog lets you stay top of mind. Then when customers need your product or service, they think of you first.

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