Powerful Website Copywriting Puts Visitors First

Website Copywriting starts with Describing Your Visitor

Before you ask a copywriter to rewrite your website think about the visitors you want to attract and engage.  How old are they? Are they men or women?  Upper or lower income?  Where do they live?  What challenges are they facing?  What are their dreams, hopes and fears?

Then bring your visitors to life.  Make them crystal clear by writing descriptions of them as if they were characters in a book.  Give them names, ages, families, histories, jobs, homes and more. [Read more…]

Keep Website Copywriting Simple For Best Results

Here’s a tip for powering up your website copywriting. If you make website visitors think too hard by using big words, “internal speak” or jargon, they’ll be gone in a click.

According to Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, jargon is “the technical terminology or characteristic idiom of a special activity group” or “obscure and often pretentious language marked by circumlocutions and long words.”  Who wants that?  Based on the websites I’ve reviewed, apparently a lot of website copywriters. [Read more…]

How to Generate Backlinks for SEO

generate backlinks for seoThe phone rings. It’s a prospect called Sally Rich. You’ve never heard the name before. She found you. Your website lured her in. Then it engaged and persuaded her. Sally is ready to talk business.

Wouldn’t life be easier if it worked this way?

How do you do it? The first step is to get found. I know. That’s easier said than done. As of September 2011, Google was indexing close to 48 billion web pages. [Read more…]

7 Quick Tips for Search Engine Optimization

While the Google algorithm is a mystery, there are some steps for search engine optimization that most SEO gurus agree on.

1. Discover the Golden Nugget Keywords

Don’t start anything until you unearth the money-generating keywords you want to optimize your website for. Look for four traits in your keywords. [Read more…]

Rev Up SEO Copywriting Success with Long-Tail Keywords

Using long tail keywords for SEO copywriting.Have you heard about using long-tail keyword phrases for SEO copywriting? Probably. But why should you care?

A long-tail keyword phrase is, as you might expect, longer than your typical keyword phrase—-usually three to five words. And they can help you to claim a starring role on Google. [Read more…]

Copywriting for SEO–Write Your Way to Riches

Looking for some tricks for search engine optimization?  Hoping for some easy steps up the ladder of search engine stardom?

Sorry. No tricks here.

When it comes to starring on the first page of Google search results, there are no short cuts.  It takes time, work and commitment. [Read more…]

Keyword Research for SEO Success

If you want to climb the search engine ranks, it’s time to hunker down and research your keywords.  Keyword research is sifting through words and phrases to decide which to blend into your web copywriting to make your website a magnet for your prospects. [Read more…]

How to Write a Press Release That Gets Published

How to get a press release published is a mystery to many business people. While there are publicity stunts you can orchestrate to gain attention, most media coverage starts with the age-old press release. But most people don’t know how to write them. [Read more…]

SEO: Discover the Number One Missed Step

SEO: Why do it?

You probably rely on your website to generate qualified leads and perhaps even sales. (Or, if you don’t, you’d like to!)  That’s because you realize it’s easier to convert people who are looking for your product or service than to chase after someone whose focus is on something completely different. [Read more…]

Why Tweet for Business?

Isn’t Twitter a place where people talk about what they had for breakfast? That’s a common perception.

Breakfast on Twitter

Tweet about breakfast

To discover how much truth there was to it, I went on Twitter and put in #breakfast. For those unfamiliar with Twitter, you use the hash tag symbol to search for tweets that include a particular word. It turns out there’s a lot of information about what people had for breakfast. A few tasty bites from this morning include pumpkin pancakes, oatmeal with dried cranberries, and the nutritious and delicious Halloween favorite, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Enough about breakfast. There’s a lot more going on on Twitter. And it has to do with building your business. [Read more…]