B2B Marketers: You’re One Call Away From Effortless Content Marketing

B2B Content Marketing by Carolyn Frith

I’m Carolyn Frith and when I was six years old, I put pen to paper and scrawled a story about a lost dog. I have always loved to tell stories, but my parents advised me that writing was not a practical career path.

So, I chose another course — marketing.

After graduating from the University of Michigan with an MBA, I traveled the corporate path for a quarter century. I led marketing initiatives for brands that ranged from X-ACTO® knives to Fasson® pressure sensitive paper (a.k.a. sticky paper). I even spent a few years in industrial market research.

And then, when I left the world of cubicles and corporate ladders, I made an incredible discovery. The world had flipped on its head. Writing had become in style and practical. That’s because content marketing drives web traffic, engages audiences, generates leads and helps to convert them into clients.

So, in February 2010, I founded Carolyn Frith Marketing, a marketing consultancy that creates and implements content marketing strategies for B2B companies.

Instantly Make Content Marketing Easier

What does this mean for you?

Your sales people depend on you to use content marketing to generate brand awareness and leads. Right?

But you don’t have the time or resources to craft a strategy and cope with the non-stop treadmill of content creation. Also, your business’ products and services and the problems they solve are complex. You need a talented writer who also has the business and marketing acumen to create a cohesive content marketing strategy and write to engage your audience.

Don’t struggle. Flip the ‘easy’ switch and delegate your content marketing program to me.

I’ll take it from persona research and strategy through creation and distribution of compelling content. And if your products tend to get bogged down in jargon and tech talk, I’ll transform them into captivating heroes that solve client problems in amazing ways. You’ll get content that resonates with your audience, attracts web traffic and leads, and increases customer conversions.

I’ve always been telling stories … now I’d love to tell yours.

Are you ready to learn how content marketing can increase your business’ revenues? Call me at 610-340-0622 for a free 30-minute consultation.


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