7 Quick Tips for Search Engine Optimization

While the Google algorithm is a mystery, there are some steps for search engine optimization that most SEO gurus agree on.

1. Discover the Golden Nugget Keywords

Don’t start anything until you unearth the money-generating keywords you want to optimize your website for. Look for four traits in your keywords.

  • Your prospects are typing these keywords into the search engines.
  • The keywords generate traffic.
  • They convert traffic into sales.
  • And the number one missed step — make sure they are not overly competitive. Hint: ask the question – can our website win the battle for this keyword or keyword phrase and appear in the top three search-engine results where the action is.

You won’t know which keywords are worth investing your time in until you conduct thorough keyword research and crunch the numbers.

2. Write Keyword-Rich Copy

Now you’ve got a list of profitable keywords. It’s time for keyword-rich website copywriting. Write for your visitors first and search engines second. Sprinkle in the keywords and keyword phrases in all the right places.

Please note I said keyword rich, not keyword stuffed.  Over-doing the keywords can get you on Google’s black list.

3. Do it Again, and Again

Content is a magnet for search engines and the more the merrier. Also, just as you prefer fresh food to that unknown item growing in the back of the fridge, the search engines like bright, shiny, new content.

So you’ve need a plan to add to your website. You can write additional pages that give more in-depth insights into your company’s offering, or you can add a blog to showcase your expertise. Ideally you should plan to do both.

4. Make your Website Search Engine Friendly

You want to make it easy for the search engines to figure out which words are most important on your website. It helps to have header tags that alert the search engines to words included in your header and sub heads. The search engines figure that anything in a heading is a central theme.

Also, search engines can’t read pictures so assist them by adding tags that clue them in on what a picture is all about.

5. Invite the Spiders

Before the search engines let your prospects know your website is out there, you need to invite the search-engine spiders to crawl your website. So submit your website to Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.

6. Link it Up

You have to do all that stuff I just told you about. But the real payoff is when you encourage other websites to link to you. Every link you get is a vote from another website that says “this website has some cool stuff going on—take a look.” The search engines like websites that are popular.

7. Get Listed

You should also enter your website for a listing in DMOZ and Yahoo.

Unlike Google, DMOZ doesn’t send a bunch of spiders to check out your website. It sends real people. They make sure you have unique content and that what you wrote in your submission matches with what your website offers. Many links can be generated by this one submission, but since we’re talking real people, it takes time. So get started on it now.

If you need help with search engine optimization, call Carolyn Frith Marketing now at 610-340-0622 for your free 30-minute, no-obligation consultation or email cfrith@carolynfrith.com.



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