6 Compelling Reasons To Start Guest Blogging Now

guest bloggingWhen I mention that I’ve been guest blogging for some of my clients, I sometimes get a blank stare from business associates.  This tells me that while guest blogging is a hot topic in the internet and content marketing community, many business people are unaware of its potential.

Here are six reasons why you should be guest blogging.

1.      Ramp Up Your Site’s Rankings

While on-page web optimization is essential, it can no longer do all the heavy lifting to raise your website to the first page of the search engine results. That’s because 80% of what establishes your website’s position in the search engine rankings rests in the hands of off-site optimization.

The two major components of off-site optimization are social signals (likes and shares on the social media platforms), and link building. Each link from another website acts as a vote-of-confidence for your site’s quality.

However, not all links are created equal.  You get the most link juice from the highest page-rank (PR) websites.  Page rank is Google’s measure of the importance and credibility of a webpage.

Thus, you need to generate valuable links. You can try to attract links by creating high quality website content that other websites want to link to. If you enjoy watching grass grow, you might be happy to wait for this to happen. But if you’re into more immediate gratification, you need to be proactive in building links.

Guest blogging enables you to map out which blogs you want to link back to your website and take action to create those links.

Start by looking for high PR (3+) websites that are magnets for the type of visitors you want to attract. Choose websites of businesses aligned with yours or industry organizations.  For example, I might write for a marketing association or a business consultant. Once you find the sites you’re interested in, reach out to the blog owner with an offer to write on a topic of interest to their blog’s visitors.

It’s a win-win scenario. If the blog owner accepts your offer, they receive well-written content for their blog, and in return you’re entitled to add a short bio at the end of your post and a link back to your website.

2.      Exposure to a New Audience

guest blog audienceGuest blogging on a website that attracts thousands of visitors every day exposes your content and name to people who might never have discovered it before, thus raising your brand awareness.

3.      Increased Website Traffic

As you build links from guest blog posts, you boost web traffic by attracting visitors who click the links in your posts and visit your website and learn more.

4.      Build Relationships with Influential Bloggers

Building relationships with influential bloggers starts with that initial outreach to request the opportunity to write a guest blog post. Once you write a post that’s well received, you may be invited to write again….and again.  Who knows where the relationship could go from there and how an influential blogger could help your business.

5.      Thought Leadership

When a high-status blog features your blog post, readers will think more highly of you just because of the company you keep. Also, bloggers are avid readers of other blogs.  So when they see your guest post, they might ask you to write a post on their blog as well.  The tentacles of the web start to spread your influence and to position you as a thought leader.

6.      Get Business

We always think of driving people to our own websites to increase business.  But there’s no reason that they can’t find your scintillating content on another site, and decide that your company is the one they need to help solve their problem.

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