For Content Marketers: The Anatomy of a Meaningful Marketing Story

Use this infographic to guide development of your marketing stories. Create more engaging stories, generate better results.

The Amazingly Simple Anatomy of a Meaningful Marketing Story [Infographic]

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The B2B Content Map Template

You have completed your persona research. Now you have a full understanding of your target market and the questions they ask related to your product category.

Now what? It’s time to create a content map.

A content map is a list of the questions that your prospects ask during their buying journey mapped to content topics that provide the answers. It ensures that you create content that’s useful to your target audience.

Use the content map template below as a guide to create your own. [Read more…]

How to Put an End to Hit or Miss Content Marketing

by Carolyn Frith

According to Quote Investigator, a woodsman was once asked, “What would you do if you had just five minutes to chop down a tree?” He answered, “I would spend the first two and a half minutes sharpening my axe.

The moral of the story is, preparation is the key to success.

44 percent use personas in content marketingSometimes, however, we gloss over the groundwork as we rush to grow our businesses. This frequently happens in content marketing. A 2014 study by ITSMA reports that only 44% of B2B are currently using personas—vivid descriptions of their buyers’ motivations, buying cycles and decision-making criteria.

Those who are using personas to guide their content creation experience:

  • More and higher quality leads
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Shorter sales cycles

66 percent use personas in content marketingSo, what are the other 56% doing? [Read more…]