How to Attract Seniors with a Free Report

Build Goodwill and Leads with a Free Report

To attract seniors you need a free report–a white paper or an e-book. You give it away in exchange for contact information. Start by asking seniors and their caregivers for an email address and first name and build from there.

The report does a few thing for you. It:

  • Positions your organization as the expert.
  • Builds goodwill.
  • Generates leads. [Read more…]

3 Tips for Marketing to Family Caregivers Online

I’ve written before that the traditional ways of marketing to family caregivers need to be supplemented.  Since they’re looking for information online, it’s time to try some new tactics.  Here are three online tactics you should add to your marketing mix.

A Blog: the Food of the Social Media Party

You can’t just chat on social media websites and expect results.  After all, when you invite people to a party, just getting the people together is not enough.  Usually you provide refreshments and perhaps entertainment.  The same is true online. [Read more…]

Direct Mail Isn’t Dead

Direct Mail Marketing to SeniorsThe post office has been in a panic recently because people just aren’t mailing letters and materials as often as they used to. That’s because there are so many more options.

But it doesn’t mean that direct mail is dead, especially for seniors. They didn’t grow up with the web and are more likely than younger generations to read the mail that comes their way. Also, there’s less mail to sort through so if you send a direct mail piece, it’s more likely to stand out. [Read more…]

You Have to be Different when Marketing to Seniors

Marketing to Seniors through DifferentiationStop! Don’t start any marketing activities until you answer this question. Why is a senior or their family better off buying your product or service than buying from your competitor?

The answer is critical to communicating a clear message to your target market.

I talk to a lot of professionals who are marketing to seniors–producst and services such as home care, assisted living, durable medical equipment and more. When I ask them how they stand out in a crowded market, they’re often stumped. [Read more…]